Thai Food Names with Leo

12 Feb 2021

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Thailand's got its food game strong. But did you know that some Thai dishes have been named after international places? Check out our list below and take your palate on a food adventure!

Lod Chong Singapore aka iced sweet dessert with worm-like pandan rice flour jelly, coconut milk, and palm sugar syrup.

Khao Pad American aka American fried rice - main ingredients include raisins, fried sausage, 3 types of veggies, ketchup, fried eggs, and fried chicken!

Kanom Jeen (Chinese) aka a savory Thai cuisine made from fresh, thin rice noodles paired with various types of sauces.

Kanom Tokyo aka pancake-like Thai street food snack that has a wide range of savory and sweet fillings

Kanom Bueang Yuan aka Vietnamese crepe - crispy egg omelette topped with fried shrimp, minced pork in coconut stir with herbs and tofu filling