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Favourite dishes of travelers in Thailand

2 Mar 2019

Learning the culture of the country is most enjoyable through national dishes, isn't it? In Thailand, they like to eat very much, it is difficult to remember where else one can meet the same abundance of various foods. In the markets, everyone grills something on a fire, makes various snacks, chicken bites and even donuts.
There is a huge abundance of fruit, including many new flavours and unfamiliar names. In the list of the most common - mango, passion fruit, papaya, mangosteen, durian and many others.

Here they cook really original dishes.

Using local coconut milk, with many herbs and spices, which give a very rich flavor. Thais love it to be hotter. Locals claim it gives them energy. Fortunately, when ordering in cafes and restaurants, people often ask for "spicy or no spicy" or even serve chilli separately. You can immediately clarify this issue on your own, so as not to shed tears, because it can be really very sharp and hot!

One of the most popular dishes among visiting guests is Tom Yam. It has a specific, sharp taste with a sourish hue and a very pleasant aroma, consisting of a combination of smells of broth, ginger, lemongrass and other components. I must say that in Thailand there are many varieties of this dish.

Pad Thai is also loved - a classic Thai dish of fried noodles with vegetables, eggs and flavored sauce. Pad Thai can be with chicken, seafood or a vegetarian option - your choice. Season with tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried shrimps, garlic or shallots, red chili and palm sugar.

It's hard not to love Tom Kha - Thai soup with coconut milk and vegetables. It happens with seafood, chicken and even pork.

For those who are ready to become experts...cooked fried crickets, grasshoppers and silkworm larvae, for example. To taste, they can resemble fish or chips. You can eat a scorpion, if you are brave enough. No, it does not have to catch and tame, it remains just to eat.

It is possible to list Thailand dishes for a long time, as well as to try new products that are abundant in the markets. Lovers of tasty food, you know what to do!!


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