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What if I don't like Electronic Music on Koh Phangan?

27 May

Hey! If you’re reading this right now, it’s probably because you wanna come to Koh Phangan to have a lot of fun, go to some parties, explore the island, and yeah, listen to electronic music. But does this last point make you hesitate? Don't worry, you're not alone and this is here for you.

The first thing you have to know is that I am just like you, I usually don't listen at all to that kind of music. I'm just a pure rocker who goes to all the rock festivals he can. But, here I am and I told myself ‘let's try this music’ and I’ll tell you why you should try it too!

So, when you hear that music the first time on the island you'll probably be in a bar or at a pre party just like here at the Phanganist Hostel.

Then, you'll see a beautiful boy or girl moving or dancing a little, looking at you, and you'll tell yourself ‘okay, let's show my moves and meet new people!’.

You'll start playing some games, drinking, talking with others. In fact, you'll just get in the mood with the people and follow them to some party. There, it’s going to be the real thing, paint that glows in the dark, fire, lights and, of course, a DJ that will make you move even more than a rock band!

At the end you’ll realise that you have as much fun listening to that music because of the people you are with because they are here for the same reason as you, which is to not care about anything except having fun!

And remember that you can always put your headphones on and listen to a good old song that you like. Personally, that's what I do after a party here and it perfectly closes the night.

From a hostel guest,

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