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Love, Light and Life - Pearls Of Koh Phangan

8 Aug

Larisa Segida’s daughter Kristina fell in love with Koh Phangan a few years ago and so as an author already this Mother decided to write a book dedicated to her daughters beloved island and all dwellers and ‘pearls’ of the mysterious piece of land that is Koh Phangan.

Larisa is a writer and has published several books, also she is a philosopher (a Master degree in Philosophy), an educator (a PhD in Education), a musician with 7 released albums on iTunes, photographer, videographer, mother, and a wife.

Pearls of Koh Phangan is a unique book, a book-meditation. It has 100 stunning images of Koh Phangan with 100 laconic, simple and wise statements on Life, Love and Light.

Pearls of Koh Phangan is a bilingual (English and Russian) meditative collection of 100 simple but deep thoughts imbedded into ambient, reflective and beautiful photographs on Life, Love and Light.

This book is your silent friend. You can open it to any page, read one thought, contemplate on it, live with it for a while and come back. Don't hurry. The book will listen to you, your thoughts and feelings. It may help you on your long road called ‘Life’…

What do you hope to achieve from the project?

I believe in Life, Love and Light. I believe in Kindness. I believe in the Educated Mind and Soul. The more people read my little book, the stronger awareness may be risen internationally.

What are your hopes for the future?
I want to open a university on Koh Phangan. I dream to turn the island into a land of great minds, souls, hearts and bodies.

And what do you enjoy about being on Koh Phangan?
As a musician, I am especially sensitive to the island's natural sounds: birds, frogs, monkeys, leaves in the wind…

Leave us with your life philosophy....
Life is inhalation and exhalation.

Between these two motions, I wake up, stay awake, fall asleep and sleep.

Among those four stages, I eat, drink, pee and poop.  

Throughout all these actions, I think, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously.

Thoughts permeate inhalations and exhalations, and create the illusive condition of happiness or unhappiness. I think that I live because I breathe, feel, see and hear. Senses and emotions conceive and generate thoughts. Thoughts conceive and generate actions. I live between my senses and thoughts like in a cobweb knitted between tree branches and through invisible air molecules. I believe I am a harmonic whole woven of the natural and the social. With my social, I am alien to the natural. With my natural, I am alien to the social, as each natural entity is unique but the social wants similarities, sameness, predictability and adherence to rules and regulations that often evoke some protest in human souls and minds.

"To accept" is easier to pronounce than do. When I accept, I keep more energy for my Self, for its discovery and comprehension.

Love, Light and Life are my three life principles.  

Love: I cannot love everyone and everything but I accept all as much as my love of the Other can do so.

Light: It is meaningless without darkness but I still need more light than darkness to blossom like nature in spring.

Life: It is all I know while I inhale and exhale.

Author’s note:

There are islands on the Earth. There are many islands, but fewer than people on the planet. Islands are romantic or romantically represented in poems, songs and movies. Some people own islands. Some are born there. The majority only dream of them. ‘Island’ is ‘I is land’. The land of dreams. The land of beauty. The land of peace. The land of kindness. The land of magic. The land of fairy-tales. The land of happiness. The land of eternal childhood. The land of Life, Love and Light.

Look out for the book on Koh Phangan!


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