Signs you are a True Backpacker

7 Feb 2019

We all know the stereotypes associated with backpackers, some are right and some are oh so wrong. Plus times and generations are changing but there are some constants we think run for all, how many do you check off the list?

Not knowing the day, time or month
Because frankly it doesnt matter

Talking in Thainglish/broken language wherever you are
Even if you go back to your home country

You get cold
If the temperature drops below 30c you feel it, time for a jumper here in tropical Phangan!

You can squat like a pro
Asian toilets are a good teacher

The bum gun is your friend
And you miss it when in the Western world

You have an armful of bracelets
Some are sentimental from friends and others are from events, they are your ticket into sharing conversation with someone who matches

You have mixed up currencies in your wallet
You wash clothes in the shower

Economic and money saving!
Visa runs are a chance for a new adventure

We salut you all backpackers! You have nomadic living nailed and these experiences will be the making of you! Enjoy your time on Koh Phangan!