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Challenge Yourself to a Day Without Your Phone on Koh Phangan!

13 Dec

We propose to you all to put away your phones just for one day, try it, you may achieve something new even if it is just a day without your phone.

We have all seen it before, a group of people sat around and each one of them is gazing into their phone, we are all slightly guilty of it in some way we’re sure but does this stop us experiencing some parts of travelling like meeting people and gaining knowledge?

It can be nice to have the comfort of your phone if you don’t want to talk to anyone or feel uncomfortable but some people rely on it a bit too much and isn’t travelling meant to be a way to get out of your comfort zone?

Having the internet is a great tool, you can book flights, ferries, travel arrangements and research different places you want to go and things you want to do yes but maybe it’s not so important to get the perfect sunset selfie every day right?

Getting beautiful pictures is good, there are spots here on the island which are like from a dream and you want to remember them but you must also remember to truly experience the place, to soak it all in and enjoy the warm atmosphere without the crutch of your phone.

We’ve all become a little obsessed with WIFI, can you imagine staying in a place without WIFI connection?! Ha-ha no neither can we and although it is great to have in terms of safety or vital information it does not have to be used all the time. Focus on the people instead, make eye contact and engage with other travelers who may have something to offer or share with you.

We’re all on this beautiful island so don’t forget to experience it, challenge yourself to one day without your phone and see what more you get out of your day!

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