Learning the Language and Getting an Education Visa on Koh Phangan

6 Jul 2017

If you find yourself visiting Koh Phangan and not wanting to leave then join the hundreds or thousands of other people who feel the same! You can come back and visit whenever you like and with a Tourist visa you can get up to 2 months at a time with an extension of another month which for most is long enough once or twice a year.

For those of you who really feel you would like to be on the island or in Thailand for longer there is another option. Obtaining an Education Visa means you will be allowed to stay for up to one year depending on circumstances and conditions of course, as long as you are enrolled and partaking in a course to learn the Thai Language.

And there isn’t any better way of learning more and integrating into the local culture than learning the Thai Language!

Firstly and quite importantly you will need to make sure you have enough money to support yourself on the island. An Education Visa still prohibits you from any kind of work so you will need to work out a budget for accommodation, food and possibly party or yoga funds during this longer stay. You will also need a budget to pay for the actual Thai Language course that you wish to attend to accompany your ED Visa.

Doing a Thai Language course can benefit your life a lot especially if you wish to spend more time in the Country in the long run and it will widen your chances of finding employment if you ever decide to make Thailand or Koh Phangan your home in the future.

You will be able to read, write and speak Thai, the locals here on the island and in the whole of beautiful Thailand very much appreciate any person who at least tries to speak a bit of their language (it is not the easiest!) and so if you can hold conversation that is even better.

Plus you will be learning something new, all good for the brain!

There are a few schools on Koh Phangan that can help you with a Thai Language course and Visa, one of the most common ones would be KPT Language School which is located centrally and you can contact them for more information.

To obtain the actual visa you can make the same journey as you would for a Tourist visa such as to Penang in Malaysia, your course will provide you with the relevant paperwork but you will need to pay for it yourself unless included in the price of the course.

So good luck on your Thai Language journey if you wish to chose this path!