What is it like to Grow Up on Koh Phangan?

12 Feb 2021

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Koh Phangan has become a permanent home for many new families in recent years, some even choosing it over Samui. The island has many schooling options including Si Ri Panya Tutorial School which has been going from strength to strength since it opened.

Families all have their own reasons for choosing to bring their children up in a different Country such as Thailand or it could be a family that is married in to the Koh Phangan community and mix their culture with the Thailand one which can be really beneficial for children in this day and age.

What is it like for children who find themselves growing up on this island, whether their family have specifically moved here or their family are here already?

Surprisingly, it is quite similar to growing up in any other place, the main difference being that a lot of things take place outdoors here on Koh Phangan.

To get an insight on what it is really like growing up on Koh Phangan, of course we have to ask the kids themselves. We briefly spoke to our little friend Maia who is half Thai, half Danish.

“It’s amazing, I go to school, go to the beach and do all the fun stuff!”

What do you do after school finishes?
I sometimes go to my Grandma’s, just like people everywhere else.

And what do you like about Koh Phangan?
I like that it’s hot every day but sometimes it’s too hot so I put on sunscreen and wear a hat. To cool off I can go to the pool or beach.

What is it like going to School on a tropical island?
It’s fun and different, I tried a little in Denmark and there you have to wear suits and jackets and sometimes boots which are too many clothes! Here it is nice outside in the sun.

We learn similar things as everywhere else but here you learn more languages.

“It’s fun having friends from different places”.

What do you do on the weekend?
Hang out at home and play with friends, sometimes swimming. I play outside a lot or play with my Barbies, just like kids anywhere else.

So there you have it, a pretty optimistic outlook on life from our very own 7 year old Phanganist!

If you are thinking of having children here or bringing you kids to Koh Phangan then you have many benefits to take advantage of.

You can send them to normal schools where they can get a good education and one of the best things here is that they will learn at least a second language which we all know is good to do when you are young.

Being on Koh Phangan will open their eyes to different cultures and lifestyles which you just cannot get in your home Country and they will spend plenty of time outdoors in nature which is good for all of us!