The Hospitals and Medical centres on Koh Phangan

19 Sep 2016

Sometimes things don't go according to plan on Koh Phangan and you will need medical attention.

There are various hospitals on the island that can deal, diagnose or treat any problems you think you may have.

Things to remember is that if you are sure you have a serious problem such as you have come off your motorbike, or you have a nasty cut that requires stitches then don't take any chances on this island as wounds take longer to heal here and infections can happen very easily - visit the hospital.

Most people visiting the island will have travel insurance and it is important that if you are visiting the hospital to have your documents with you or at least a screenshot of these on your mobile or tablet. If you are unable to get these documents yourself then try your hotel, hostel or a trusted friend to get these documents and check you cover will pay for your treatment that is needed.

One thing to check on your insurance documents is that most insurers will either not allow any payout if you have a motorbike accident or will only allow you to ride a certain maximum CC motorbike like a 100cc 125cc etc…..

You will find the hospital staff here very helpful and there will be a waiting time so please be nice and patient and wait for your turn for treatment.

Hospitals on the island;

Bandon Hospital
Bandon International is the first international medical center in Surat Thani. It is an acute care general medical center with high professional standards, fully trained personnel, and equipped with ultra modern technology. The warmth and friendly care of the staff and the Thai people are also an additional plus.

For Bandon International Koh-Phangan a hospital which has a sophisticated 9-bed capacity and have a Clinic with 24 hours emergency on Koh Phangan Island.

Bandon Hospital Koh Phangan opened October 2015 and now has two doctors, six nurse ates and four certified nurses based on Koh Phangan.

The owners are now in their seventies but still hard at work and based on Koh Samui, they visit the team on Koh Phangan every two months during Full Moon time.

The hospital treats travellers and Thai people with private rooms if people need a more quiet space to recover.

Bangkok Hospital
Located in Baan Tai on the main road, Bangkok Hospital belongs to one of the largest private hospital chains in Thailand.

They offer treatment to foreign tourists and foreign residents and treat thousands of patients each year.

They have a great reputation and provide high quality and cost efficient hospital services. Their staff are warm and caring.

First Western
First Western is a very popular choice for tourists because of their English speaking staff and western staff who are employed specifically to help foreigners, also with insurance issues.

They provide treatment for all emergency & medical cases from accidents to coughs and colds with 24 Hour Ambulance, Doctor & Medical staff, X-Ray, CT, MRI, Operating rooms & ICU

First Western Hospital is an equal partnership between Thai and Western owners.

Koh Phangan Hospital
Between Wok Tum and Srithanu, also known as the Government Hospital, this is not a private hospital but you still will need to pay for services as a foreigner.

This hospital is good for minor issues and will be more cheaper than other options but it depends what kind of service you require.

If you have a serious bike accident it is likely you may be taken to this hospital and they can deal with accident and emergency, the only major difference being the quality of facilities and not as many English speaking staff.


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