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What have you been wearing?! The good and the questionable

20 Jan 2018

It's been a crazy festive season of partying and you lot have done us proud! It's hard to find catwalk worthy fashion and style here on the island, it's more 'island chic' and as always Full Moon has its own style.

We've had a little look at the party style of the last month...

Classy Neon at Loi Lay

Taking the Full Moon neon colours up a notch with this stylish lady, she shows it can be done with grace.

Cool Jackets at Jungle Experience

This DJ shows off some stylish print from the back, hope she wasn't too hot up there!

Unicorns at Blackmoon

Hmmm, is this a new trend we see? Taking the trend in unicorns to the next level by bringing his own pet to the dancefloor.

Christmas lights at Loi Lay

We're not sure if she's actually wearing real lights but it certainly looks like it! Bringing some festive style to the party and a cool top to match.

Bros in shirts at Full Moon

Aaww aren't they cute! Smartening up for the all night party with shirts but still in the KP bright style.

Freshly faced at Drop In Bar

So good to see some fresh faces for the sunrise on Haad Rin beach, and still looking young and sparkly!

If you have any fashion or style ideas for a project then let us know!