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How to dress like a local on Koh Phangan

5 Feb 2020

We all know that visitors to foreign Countries stick out like a sore thumb, mostly because of cultural differences that come with fashion, fashion is different everywhere. Here on Koh Phangan you won't find the local Thai people wearing elephant pants and beer vests, this is the same for local expats too. Locals, whether Thai or long term foreigners living here on the island prefer to blend in more… well, in some cases.

Actually the local Thai fashion is different to the local expat fashion sometimes, some expats stand out a bit more or have the ‘island style’ so for the case of this article we’ll talk about non-Thai style.

Would you rather not stand out as a tourist or want to join in that Phangan island style, here’s how…

Don’t wear elephant pants in public
This is a sure way to show you are a tourist, keep them for lounging around at home because no one is denying they are comfy.

Island vibes are always a winner
But we don’t mean that you should walk around in your bikini or shorts, remember this is a Buddhist Country. Think more Boho style with floaty fabrics and cool accessories.

Trance Fashion
One kind of sub culture here on Phangan when it comes to style would be Trance people. These guys shop at places like Moontribe. Think apocalyptic progressive fashion that goes with the culture of Psy Trance.

Anything ‘Hippy’
Koh Phangan is a hippy place with a hippy vibe so go back in time to the 60’s and get some inspiration from there!

Yoga Clothes
You can wear leggings and vests all day every day here as it is the island of yoga! Even if you don’t do yoga you’ll still fit and blend in nicely with the spiritual crowd.

Take inspiration from the Russians!
The Russians that come to Koh Phangan come with their own unique style, it’s very cool, almost too cool. You’ll fit in as a local party person if you adapt to the slightly outrageous Russian style.

Lastly, create your own style
This is one of the only places on Earth where apart from if you’re wearing elephant pants, you will not be judged for how you like to dress. You can go completely over the top or as simple as you like. Koh Phangan is the island of your dreams so live them.