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Best Beef Burgers of Koh Phangan

21 Nov 2019

Koh Phangan has loads of great restaurants and there is a sort of culture around finding the best beef burger! Here are the ones that come to our heads although we know there are many more out there. If you know of any more great burger places then let us know!

The 4U
A warm musical bar situated in the heart of Thong Sala with it's delicious homemade 100% beef burgers and their sauces. This place is recommended by a lot of people!

Phangan Cove

They serve a wide range of delicious food, thai and western and for a good price. The burgers can be served with french fries of course and are big, juicy and fresh.


All the food here is top notch and served in a wonderful atmosphere at this restaurant in Thong Sala.

The chef has worked for many classy establishments in Bangkok so he puts a lot of love into his food even the humble burger.
They have a big selection also.


Infinity is without a doubt a beautiful place to enjoy an afternoon, plus it has two restaurants. Something a little different in terms of its burger, you get not one but three! They are mini ones though so you get a nice selection all in one dish, beef, chicken and vegetable. Served with its famous french fries.

White Rabbit
Comes with salad on the side so you can build it yourself and a REALLY good homemade mayonnaise and fries. The burger tastes like small pieces of heaven, it makes you crave another one after! It’s a great burger for its price!