PACS- Phangan Animal Care for Strays


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PAC phangan animal care dog cat kittens puppies

PhaNgan Animal Care (PAC) is a non-profit organization based in Wok Tum, Koh PhaNgan
(near the hospital)
The Situation
Previous to PACS opening in 2001, the island of Koh PhaNgan had no form of veterinary care.
Both owned animals and stray animals roamed the streets in large numbers looking for scraps of food.
Many of these were suffering from malnutrition, disease, injuries and mange.
The odd one would be taken to Koh Samui for treatment by a kindly tourist or local resident but most were left to suffer for agonizing amounts of time.

What is PAC?
PAC was established by Irish veterinarian;  Shevaun Gallwey in September 2001 after she visited Koh PhaNgan and saw the situation for many of the animals here.
PAC is a small team of staff and volunteers who not only travel the island when they can to treat animals on the streets and in temples, but also hospitalize patients in need of critical nursing care. They also carry out a successful spay and neuter program when volunteer vets come to visit and host rabies vaccination camps regularly around the island.
PAC is a hospital & not a shelter.

Unfortunately they cannot take in healthy animals for re-homing.

PAC phangan animal care cat dog puppy kitten kittens

How you can help
If you see an animal in need, either sick or injured please contact PAC on 089 875 7513 or email us at with details of the animal - eg. location, colour/markings, male or female and problem.

As an organization they rely 100% on donations so please look out for the donations boxes in various resorts, bars, restaurants and shops around the island or drop by the centre with your donation and help to improve the lives of the animals you see around you.

PAC also relies heavily on volunteers.
If you are a vet or veterinary nurse and want to use your skills and knowledge to make a big difference to the animals here please get in touch.  As PAC only has one permanent nurse who is kept very busy attending to all the sick stray animals on the island, your help would be greatly appreciated.

If you are an animal lover and want to make a differenceperhaps you would consider a longer stay.  
By dedicating just 3-4 days a week to PAC for a minimum time of 1 month, you would really be able to get involved in the day to day running of the clinic. Assist the nurse in giving treatment to the animals, take care of the animals in the hospital and of course, play with the puppies.


PhaNgan Animal Care.

PO Box 70, Thong Sala
Koh PhaNgan, Suratthani 84280
+66 (08) 9 8757513 (mobile)

To learn more about our work, please 'like' our facebook page or visit our website