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Phanganist presents Dave Vega

17 Dec 2019


DJ and Music Industry professional Dave Vega began visiting the island of Koh Phangan 16 years ago.

He has now finally made it his home and is still playing all the parties here. We talk about moving from the renowned music base of Berlin, his roots with vinyl and the transition that experienced DJs have to do to move into today's digital age.

What he loves about being here in paradise and DJing to the Phangan crowds.

Dave has been part of the european dance scene for around 20 years now.
You will find him on the dance floor as well as behind the decks.

He has had releases on labels like Bpitch Control, Serialism, Get Physical, Exone, and many others.

Vega's roots come between House and Techno - that's what he plays and still drives him after almost 2 decades of electronic music experience.

He likes to blend different times of music, not just new releases but mixing in 90s Techno to todays sound.

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