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Peter Christian - One Year Later on Koh Phangan

29 Nov 2019

Phanganist is joined by DJ Peter Christian, one year later after we originally interviewed him as he settled into permanent life on Koh Phangan.

Learn what he has been up to including working for some of the main parties such as Waterfall and Jungle Experience plus his new venture with Addict Forest Club.
Peter has been busy also with his own producing of his favourtie Techno music which is what will be solely played at Addict.
Peter saw this style of music as a venue for those who seek to live the underground life to come together as one collective society and one soul. His love for the scene drove him to throw events across Canada and into dj'ing at clubs and events there.

Formerly living on Koh Phangan from 2008-2010, Peter has recently moved back to the island of his love and is now successfully working and dj'ing at one of the Island's largest monthly festival, Jungle Experience.

Peter is also a former resident dj at the Waterfall Party. He is also host of the Apichada View Point "Chase the Sunsets" series every Tuesdays and Fridays. Peter has also toured in Europe and played in festivals such as Grune Sonne Festival and Sea You Festival.

Here is Peter Christian's Phanganist Interview from 2018.

Recently Peter has started releasing some of his musical productions in the genre of techno and tech house. His first EP "Genesis" released under Black Snakes Recordings earned him in the top 100 Beatport top releases in two separate categories. A huge milestone achieved for any new producer. With many projects and new music to come, be sure to keep an eye on Peter Christian for the second half of 2019, and definitely in 2020 and onwards