Special Guest at Retro Mountain - A Chat with Mendy Indigo

15 Mar 2021

Mendy Indigo is one of the most well-known female underground DJs in Bangkok. Her life was changed forever when she travelled to Nepal and found her love for electronic music. Since then, she has been on a quest to disperse her dark and melodic sound to Techno enthusiasts all over the globe. Mendy will be the special guest at Retro Mountain's event on March 20th, we catch up with her to find out more.
Mendy Indigo
Hi Mendy, how has your 2021 been so far?
I really can’t complain about how my year has been so far. I did a Livestream for Beatport on New Year’s Eve and danced into 2021 with my friends on the beach. I’m now living on Koh Phangan since the pandemic and it’s been the best move! 
I just love living here surrounded by nature. I have also started a new passion project since Covid, Shit Mendy Cooks, a content channel to share my passion for cooking.

What do you plan for Retro Mountain’s event?
I have never played at Retro Mountain before and I’m really happy to be part of their festival. The venue is amazing! It’s surrounded by the jungle with a panorama view of the blue ocean. The owners Chris and Anastasia did a great job there and it’s an enriching venue for the island. So I’m really excited to play there for the first time!

Mendy Indigo
What were some great gigs you have played here before?
I have played at Jungle Experience and Lost Paradise in the past and really enjoyed them.

How do you see the Techno scene in Thailand evolving over this year?
It’s still tough for the music scene, in general, to go through the current situation. I was supposed to launch my Techno only event called ENVY in January, which I had to cancel due to the second covid wave. From a talent point of view, I believe we will see more and more upcoming artists who are waiting for an opportunity to perform, and I think that’s exciting!

Mendy Indigo
And plans for the rest of the year?
I have a special new event planned for Songkran on April 13 at Retro Mountain! It’s called Out of the blue and people can expect a colourful and fun event that brings together food, music and people. Other than that I still plan to launch my first ENVY event this year and depending on what the travel regulations will look like I hope to be able to tour again soon.

See Mendy at the Retro Mountain event on March 20th, more details here.