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Crispy Urban House at February's Jungle Experience with Mat.Joe

10 Feb

We catch up with Mat.Joe ahead of their show at Jungle Experience this weekend...

Hey, so are you looking forward to coming to Koh Phangan?
Hey! Yes definitely! Last year was so dope! We love the vibe in the Jungle...a great vibe with so many wonderful people!

Have you been before or what have you heard?
Yes...last year in March.

It was one of our favorite events last year!

What have you been up to already this year?
We already played a tour in Australia, the BPM festival in Mexico and some super nice shows around Europe.

What will you bring that is unique to Jungle Experience?
We'll represent our CrispyUrbanHouse sound for sure and two guys that fit in the crazy tiger head!

What are your main projects for the rest of the year?
Working on some new tracks....playing shows and going skateboarding!

What would you say to aspiring djs hoping to play around the world?
It's amazing to see so many places, cultures and vibes all around the world...we had some ‘normal’ jobs before and yeah...we hope that we can do this for the rest of our life! So what we would say is: live what you love and stay focussed.

And leave us with your music philosophy....



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