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Everyone's Favourite Visa Run Guy Mr Kim

25 Apr 2020

Mr Kim's in Thong Sala just down from walking street is where a lot of tourists go to organise their visa run if they fancy staying in Thailand that little bit longer, who wouldn't?!

You can also go to organise your non immagrant B visa and for reneweing your work permits if you are lucky enough to be here on Koh Phangan on a more permanant basis.

Originally from Chang Mai Mr Kim now calls Koh Phangan home. He is open everyday and is very helpful when it comes to organising visa trips, whether it be a border bounce or going to Penang or beyond.

Kim is good friends with Jim from Jim's Place in Penang, Malaysia whom we are sure a lot of you will know as well.

He is always friendly and fixes everything for you, it doesn't get better than a Mr Kim visa run and he is fully reccomended by a variety of visa runners.

You can always call and ask about any questions that may arise on your trip or beforehand and he is always ready to help you in the middle of your run if something's up.

Mr Kim has been doing this for many years and gets to know everyone he meets.

Mr Kim's office says a lot about the man himself, you will find instruments, books and adverts from the many people that he helps and you will often find yourself staying for a chat about something off the subject.

If you have a special request or want a choice of options for your budget then Mr Kim is your man, he can phone Jim to ask questions about a visa and help you with a variety of travel options if you don't fancy the minibus!

Thanks Mr Kim, you're a Phangan Legend!