University harvests first crop of Cannabis for medical use

20 Jul 2020

Suranaree Technology University in Nakhon Ratchasima harvested its first cannabis crop for medicinal use on Friday. The plants will be administered to a hospital in Buri Ram for commercial production of Thai herbal medicine.

To plant cannabis for medical purposes earlier this year, the university built international standard greenhouses, equipped with special cooling systems, and saplings were planted indoors.

The plants were harvested for the production of the raw materials needed for cannabis-based products to be sent to Khu Muang Hospital in Buri Ram for commercial production of nine Thai herbal medicines for a total production cycle of 3,360 tons.

Assoc Professor Weerapong Pairsuwan, the university rector, said it had created a network to develop and enhance the value of hemp, cannabis and herbs. He said the college was committed to helping people access safe hemp and cannabis products while promoting the establishment of centres of medical excellence.

The Suranaree University of Technology aims to be a social enterprise and a community-serving, self-reliant university. 

The Prof. Neung Teaumroong, said the university had launched a research project on quality cannabis production for medical benefit. The greenhouses were constructed to plant 5,760 cannabis plants on an area of 3,090 square metres.

Yesterday the first plants of cannabis were duly harvested, and next month their flowers will be collected.

While the trees are still in the process of seed production, the university will regularly contact the Nakhon Ratchasima Regional Medical Sciences Center 9 to analyze the plants.