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Thank You Koh Phangan Police Chief, Farewell and Good Luck!

26 May 2015

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As a mark of thanks and goodbye to Koh Phangan's Police chief Pi Mot, Phangan Arena organised their first official game, Phangan Police vs FC Farang.

The current police chief has now served Koh Phangan for four years but is heading to the mainland to be involved in a training so that he can teach others, good luck Pi Mot!

Owner of Blue Dream Jeremie says - 

'We want to thank the chief of Police for all his help. He is also helping to develop sport activities with us at Phangan Arena.

What a great support to get the chief of police helping us to develop sport for the youth of Koh Phangan!'

The police chief has made a very big contibution to the development of the island in the past few years.

His openness to the farang community and his efforts to make them feel welcome by organising the football tournaments and adding farang teams from the south and many other actions have made a real difference.

We have been very lucky to have him and we hope the new police chief will continue to follow him in this way.

We spoke with members of the community to get their messages for our leaving Police Chief P Mot:

P God Santorini Restaurant
Thank you for your friendship that you gave to me. Best regards God

Georgia - Jungle Experience
Never before in the twelve years I have been coming to Phangan has there been a police chief a single foreign resident or tourist would know their name - P Mot changed this by doing everything he could to get to know the expat community and listen to their concerns and act to correct any misunderstanding or injustices.

Personally , P Mot became the person I respected and admired the most on Koh phangan. He felt like family even taking the time to meet my mother on her visit here or send me a reminder to go extend my visa on time! He was always keen to be involved and encourage  community based projects, his intentions always to create beneficial developments and progress to phangan.

Kem - Real Estate Establisher
Prachum has been available to listen to us and support us. He did a great job. He gives a very good image of the Police.

Soren Kristensen - Coach, FC Farang and owner of Outlaws Saloon

P'Mot had just started as Koh Phangans new police chief when he organized one of the biggest football tournaments held on Phangan ever.

The tournament lasted 2 weeks and he invited FC Farang to come and join. P'Mot clearly wanted the Thai and the Farang community to unite.

FC Farang joined the tournament with 2 teams. And it was a great tournament. Well organised with sponsors, ball boys, drinking water etc.

On the final day P'Mot had organised free food and beer for all players. A mobile stage was set up on the pitch from where all teams picked up their trophies before a live band took over.

Since that tournament, FC Farang has joined every single tournament on Koh Phangan. The tournaments setup has improved, and we as a farang team has been accepted and invited every time. And we are really enjoying it.

On behalf of FC Farang, thanks P'Mot for your passion for the football, and thanks for the invite.

Toh - Drop In Bar
I would like to Thank P Mot for all the good things he did for Koh Phangan and for his friendship.

Carlo - The Handle Bar
To us at The Handle Bar and Carlos Corner it will be a great loos to see Prachum Ruangthong/ P Mot leave the island.

P Mot been a friend, we spend many times together talking about our common interest in big bikes, P Mot have helped us in the charity work we do, he is a mann with a big heart

To the island i think it also will be a loss, P Mot has been doing many good things.

We wish good luck wherever you go in your future.

Thank you Pi Mot, it has been a honor and a pleasure to have you in charge, we wish you good luck in your next destination.