Original Koh Phangan Mr Poo from Saturn Pub

12 Feb 2021

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Mr Poo was born right here on Koh Phangan in Thong Sala. His father and mother opened a small restaurant at the pier called ‘Lobster’ and this is what inspired him to one day have a place of his own.

Why did you choose the name Saturn?
Ah the star of saturn! I was born on a Saturday so Saturn comes from this, they are similar.

You can come to Saturn and relax, have some drinks and you can go onstage and sing if you want?!

We have live music everyday from 9pm to 2am, so maybe 3am haha! Next Monday (23rd November) we will hopefully start at 7pm with the music.

What have you previously done for work?
I worked in Bangkok but now I have been working back here for seven years. I worked in different industries in Bangkok like for the Thai bank and also material handling for a factory, working on the forklifts and cranes, it was different work in Bangkok.

I wanted to come back to Koh Phangan to have a business for myself at home. I also studied in Bangkok at University, I spent thirty years in Bangkok, coming and going to see my family.

How was the very first Full Moon Party?
My friend who has Paradise Bungalows is the original full moon party man! I think it all started with him, he wanted to make a party for family and friends and for his western girlfriend on the night of full moon, so this is how it started. There was a Big Buddha day on the day of the party so my friend was like ‘I have many whiskeys, come to me I will give to you’. Then people came to enjoy the party more, more and more, it started with one hundred people, then two hundred then one thousand!! So he saw that many people loved this party and he thought ‘ok next month we will do this on the same day’.

When did you open Saturn?
I came back to Phangan to make the construction, this was the 24th March 2013, so one year, eight months ago.

I thought that the area needed some real ‘Thai Style’ to show farang the thai style way of partying, we have live music, a big restaurant and it can hold one hundred and fifty people.
We serve Thai and Western food, steaks and pasta.

What is the Thai way of partying?
We have live music! And food! Here at Saturn we have the Saturn band who can perform European and Thai style songs.
Saturn is a place where you can start to warm up, then go on to one of the bigger parties if you like.

Why do you think Koh Phangan is so special?
On Phangan it is very calm, Sabai sabai. We have gardens and nature and I think it is a good island in Thailand. In Samui, Bangkok and Phuket there are many people and it is all the same.

I think Koh Phangan is not too big or small it is all ok. Phangan people take care a lot, I have worked in Bangkok and been all around Thailand but it is not the same as Koh Phangan.

Do you like the Phangan Parties?
I don’t go to parties now, I used to when I was twenty to twenty five years old but now I am fifty one. I like full moon, many, many people come and they are all open, buckets started in Koh Phangan!