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Our Good Friend Pizza Ale Needs Our Help!

16 Jun

Our friend Alek Gray with his kind heart, stone cold sober, avoided hitting a dog in the road and in effect crashed and made an accident.

He is in Koh Phangan Hospital at the moment and will be transferred to Samui Hospital tomorrow morning. He fractured his shoulder and took a rather nasty knock on the head.

He needs our thoughts and prayers. Thankfully he is alive but experiencing great pain and discomfort.

Let's initiate a collection of donations to help and support him financially.

As we all know, low season on Koh Phangan is not the most lucrative time for any business owner.

Donations will be accepted in person through Skunk Ohm or Einav Dahan, or online through this platform; LINK HERE.

All donations will be paid toward hospital bills. 

Ale is a dear and loved friend to all of the inhabitants of Koh Phangan and any amount would help and be appreciated.

So far the bill from Koh Phangan Hospital is 8000 Baht which has kindly been paid out of donations.

Once moved to Koh Samui he will have another bill to pay so let's all help with anything we can!

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