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Electronics for the Kids of Charlie's Children's Charity!

18 May 2019

Many of you will have heard of and been involved with the great efforts of Charlie’s Children’s Charity. They are actively involved in making a difference to people’s lives, in their times of need.

CCC aims to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in the community and since their launch in 2010 have undertaken and fulfilled numerous events which have made a difference to the lives of hundreds of children and mentally handicaped people.

Nodus Technologies on Koh Phangan have set up a new scheme to start collecting old electronics on the island to refurbish and recycle for educational projects, schools and orphanages on the mainland for Charlie’s Children’s Charity.

Owner of Nodus, Kenny says “I would really would love to provide the kids with some pc's and other electronics”.

All donations are welcome:

Old Computers, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, Computer Screens, Tv's, Smart Phones, Tablets, Power Supplies and Chargers, Wires, and Headphones - pretty much everything you could think of!

If it is in working condition even better, but it does not have to be.

Nodus Technologies already collect these parts from kind clients and equipment updates, but feel like there is more they could do.

“If we can make one working computer out of five broken ones, we can have an impact where there was garbage before.

We felt the enticing grasp of technology throughout our lives and would like to share the opportunities with the future generation”.

Allan Seitzberg ot Escobar Koh Phangan who also puts a lot of effort in this charity has kindly agreed to be a collection spot for the scheme.

For Chaloklum you can drop with Dan Slater at Fingers.

Also the computer wizard Sam William Barton at Digithaiz in Thong Sala is a drop off point.

If the donation you want to make is to big or heavy for you to transport then they will happily come and pick it up at your place of course!

Thanks for your support

The Nodus Technologies Team