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Long tail trip

13 Feb 2019

Koh Phangan’s lagoons and beaches wouldn’t be the same without traditional long tail boats. They are usually painted in different colors, swinging on the waves and making every view here even more picturesque.

You can see these long tail boats everywhere in Southeast Asia. There is much variation among these boats, some have evolved from traditional craft types, while others have a more improvised look.
These boats are still used by the fishermen, but now they often operate as taxis between some of the more remote beaches.

My first ride with this boat was from the Bottle beach. That’s the one you need to hike to through the jungles one hour and a half. So after the hike it’s nice to get on the boat and sail back.

To Haad Khom (where everybody usually park their bikes) it will cost around 100 THB.

To Chaloklum – 150 THB and up.

But anyway price is not fixed and is negotiable. Usually it depends on the number of passengers, how far you need to go and the weather conditions (going through the big waves will cost more).
Mostly boat taxis are used to get to the beaches on the eastern side of the island. They sail from Haad Rin and can get you to Hat Yuan, Hat Tien, Hat Yao and other secret beaches.

Trip from Haad Rin to Haad Thian East (the Sanctuary) usually costs around 200 baht.
And during the Full Moon Party you will see a lot of boats right along the beach. These taxis usually bring people to other parties or to Eastern beaches to watch the sunrise. The ride to the Eden for example will cost around 300 THB one-way.

It can be a beautiful experience and moment to remember, but don’t forget – you will have to go back and pay another 300 THB.
For example the Bottle beach is reachable by foot (one and a half hour hike through the jungle) or with a boat. And to Haad Yuan you can get only by long tail boat.

The boat takes you quickly and convenient to all snorkeling or fishing spots as well as leisure trips. The prices for a long tail depends on the amount of passengers.

Here is the simple math – the more people will get on the boat. The less you will have to pay.

For example the trip from the Bottle beach to Haad Khom (were you usually park the bike) for a company of 10 people will cost 100 THB each. To Chaloklum it might cost 150 THB and up.
If you feel like exploring all the hidden gems of the island – you can hire the boat for a half or a full day – to do some beach-hopping around the island, do some snorkeling or fishing.

You can negotiate the price yourself – right on the beaches. Or book a trip through the agency. The average price of the rental will be 5000 THB – per the boat..