Chasing Waterfalls

12 Jan 2019

Probably you have already hiked to the most popular waterfall on the island – the Phaeng waterfall. Situated on the south-west side of the island, almost on the main road from Thong Sala to Chaloklum, so it is really hard to miss it.

Maybe you even got all the way up to it and stayed under the water.

Or maybe you even made it to the top of the mountain to the viewpoint named Dom Sila.
But did you know, that you can hike not the one, not even two, but five waterfalls?
So after cooling off and taking million pictures at Phaeng, continue on the trail along the water.

It will take you up and up.

At some point you will have to clamber like a monkey holding on tree roots. Don’t lose the trail – sometimes it’s tricky to understand where further to go, but than out of a sudden right in the middle the jungle you can see wooden platforms that will make it easier to cross the most dangerous places. Or sometimes it will be only rope to hold on to.
Sometimes you will have to go ankle-high in the water. So it’s better not to wear sneakers. Flip-flops will do, but the sandals are the best choice– they will stay attached to your feet and won’t be washed away with the stream.
The best thing about this trail – that you won’t see a lot of other people, you might meet some descending (but don’t ask, how more far you have to go – that might be not very optimistic) or maybe dipping in the natural pools made by the stream.

Don’t miss the chance to do it too.

The last part of the trail is the most complicated, but also the most rewarding. You will climb the waterfall itself. So on one side there will be tons of water streaming down, and on the other side – you climbing like a monkey.

So when you reach the very top – you will find a perfect spot just to sit on the rocks in the middle of the river, observing the beautiful view or looking for dragonflies.