An Elegantly Spent Day at Infinity Beach Club

18 Aug 2019

Sometimes while you’re on holiday you’ll fancy a more sophisticated treat. Spoil yourself in between days of lugging your big backpack around and sleeping in shared hostels by visiting a more opulent venue for the day such as Infinity Beach Club.

You’ve saved quite a bit of money during your travels so why not spend just one day indulging in some sunbathing, delicious cocktails and wonderful high-end food. All the while surrounded by one of the best swimming pools on the island, just a few steps from the golden beach and the sea to paddle in.

Infinity Beach Club was one of the first establishments to begin the island’s transcend into having a more diverse option for visitors other than just backpacker and budget traveler choices.

It is located in Baan Kai and offers some of the best facilities in the area which were only previously found before in places such as Thong Nai Pan or along the more family oriented resorts in the West Coast.

Infinity is suitable for people of all ages, from young to old and also families with children. It is a large complex which is safe for all to enjoy the whole day.

Begin by soaking up the rays on the large sun loungers which can fit a few and cooling off in the amazing pool which is also big enough to swim laps in, a rarity on Koh Phangan. You can spend some time on the beach relaxing or join in with some volleyball.

On offer is a well equipped restaurant serving upmarket food yet still including lunch dishes such as yummy pizza. Infinity is well known for its Sushi, freshly made by the skilled chefs and perfect to indulge in and share with your companions.

Stay for the whole day and even at night when Infinity transforms after Sunset into a majestic location to dine in a romantic fashion with your beloved. Enjoy a loving dinner from the sunken tables along the beach with a beautiful selection of food including fresh seafood and desserts which are perfect for two.

Infinity Beach Club is open daily from 10:00 to Midnight.