Magical Zen Beach on Koh Phangan

31 Oct 2018

Each of us has experienced many great sunsets, but here on Koh Phangan there is a very special sunset on Zen Beach for you.

Definitely, a highlight on Koh Phangan here is Zen Beach to enjoy the sunset. Why? Simply because of the special mood here. The atmosphere is magical and stays in your memory forever.

Who do you meet at Zen Beach? Many relaxed souls. Every day musicians, poi-artists and singers come to the Zen Beach. Many who spend several months or even years here on the island and have chosen their new home here, like to come to Zen Beach. Whether just to stay, meditate or partner yoga ...

It's a wonderful atmosphere: soft drum sounds, dancers, families, children playing, people swimming softly under the soft end of daylight through the calm waters.

The clouds and colours in the sky are magical. A great way to end the day in a relaxed atmosphere.

What time to go to Zen Beach? At 5.30 pm the first ones arrive and look for a good place. Of course, you can also come sooner and spend the day here on this beach.

Getting to Zen Beach may not be easy. From Ban Tai, it takes about 20 minutes by scooter.

The road off the main road can be very muddy, so please drive carefully. Without a scooter, Zen Beach is hard to reach - of course, it depends on where your accommodation is located. Just gather a few people from your hostel or group together and make a trip there - enjoy!