Natural, Handmade and Upright Delicious at Pink Pineapple Self Care

15 May 2019

It is no secret that ‘all natural’ is the way to go when you want something really good for yourself and this is what Pink Pineapple Self Care is all about.

“All natural is the key in everything we do. We use only all natural substances and if Mother Nature didn't provide it, we won't use it”.

Pink Pineapple have opened their shop on Thong Sala’s famous walking street where they offer all natural, handmade upscale and upright delicious products for your important self care routine.

One of the most popular products would be their soap bars. All are coconut based soaps but each variation has a different look, colour and scent. Each soap variation is full of a number of health benefits due to the essential oils and natural minerals used. Amongst our personal favourites would be ‘Black Velvet’, made from activated bamboo charcoal and lavender essential oil. With its cool black and white marbled look, beautiful yet soft smell, you can feel deliciously clean and relaxed knowing that you are washing with only what nature gives.

Besides the soap bars, they have beeswax candles. Pink Pineapple have two types of candles including aromatherapy candles and meditation candles. All have essential oil blends to enhance different aromatherapeutic properties.

“An example can be our ‘California Dreaming Aromatherapy Candle’ that contains an essential oil blend full of calming, soothing and relaxing properties and creates a peaceful atmosphere and helps improve sleep quality”.

At the shop you will also find natural lip balms, all great for dry and sun kissed lips and the Body Oil Spray which comes in 2 different types with one being a detoxing spray and one being a balancing spray.

Pink Pineapple was set up by two Mothers and so it makes sense that they have a child friendly collection of different balms including healing balm that works wonders healing small cuts and wounds. Plus their baby bottom balm and bug bite balm that provides instant relief from itchy bug bites. All are essential for tropical living and adults can use them too!

Pink Pineapple Self Care promote an all natural beauty and care regime alongside a trendy-cool lifestyle brand which coincides with the beautiful island of Koh Phangan. Alongside picking up some of mother nature's treats for your skin you will also find accessories to match, such as diffuser necklaces with a Lava bead where you can add your own essential oil choice depending on your mood for the day. You will also find quirky art and hangings for your home alongside other choice items picked to go with the Natural Pink Pineapple Lifestyle.

You can visit the store during the week on Thong Sala’s walking street where the Post Office is located and also pop in during Saturday’s when you go for the market.