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What Clothes to bring to Koh Phangan

21 Sep 2019

Thailand is more than likely hotter and with an altogether different climate to your home Country so it can be difficult knowing exactly what clothes to get and bring to wear here. Let us help you pack your suitcase!

Light Materials
Think light and natural materials if possible, you want your clothes to be breathable and it is usually very humid, you don’t want materials that stick to you if you’re going to be sweating a lot.
Natural fibers are best, even if they cost a little more, think cotton when packing or even purchasing new clothing to bring.

Loose not tight
It can be tempting to bring bodycon dresses and tight shorts to show off your amazing bod, and for sure, maybe bring them to party at night but in the daytime you want more loose and floaty clothes so that air can circulate to keep you cool.

Something to cover up with
This is especially important if you want to visit Temples or Buddhist events or locations.

You can always buy some things when you’re here for this such as elephant pants to cover your legs and a shawl for your shoulders, this goes for the males as well.

Rain Jacket
If you are coming during the rainy season this is a must! But it is also worth bringing one anyway just in case there is a shower. It can also be doubled up as an extra layer in case you are travelling in between or at night when it is cooler.

You are coming to an island surrounded by beautiful oceans and filled with amazing swimming pools so you will definitely want to bring swimwear, even if you don’t swim, you'll probably want to sunbathe!

Flip Flops
Everyone wears flip flops on Koh Phangan plus they are easy to take off when you go into places as you need to remove footwear inside here in Thailand.

Shoes for other activities
It’s also worth bringing shoes or trainers if you want to do some exploring, flip flops just won’t be good for jungle hikes or treks to viewpoints here on the island.

Party Outfits!
Koh Phangan is known for its parties and anything goes here when it comes to party fashion! So get creative and express yourself while you’re here.

Remember that you can buy most things here on the island so don’t worry too much if you need something and didn’t bring it with you.