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Sky is the Fire performer from the Future

26 Aug 2015

Sky originally visited Koh Phangan in 2012. She was actually in Koh Tao and met Angel, they started to travel around but always wanted to come back to Phangan. After 2 years she is back on the island and has been here this time since June.

When did you start dancing?
I started around 3 years ago but I have been performing professionally for 2.

What are your dance influences?
Capoeira mostly, my body is tuned in that way so it comes through in my dancing.

I started capoeira 4 years ago.

What is special in your dancing?
The acrobatic and yoga element. When I do staff for example I do vertical splits and something called a needle.
Angel and I do a powerful piece where I do a headstand, open my legs to a split and Angel does poi around my legs and body. We think about what we can do together, combining two peoples skills.

What do you feel your dancing brings to the People?
Probably sexiness. It lets people know you can change your body and can create and build your body in beautiful way. I like to give them a feel of wow, is that possible, you wake them up.

What do you teach?
I teach Hatha Yoga and add in at the some deep meditation with didgeridoo. I do private lessons also. We are in talks to do circus workshops at Jungle Experience but I don’t know what times etc yet.

What is the best thing you ever been involved with or done?
So many things, I have had beautiful relationships with so many people. There is one sweet story though. I was in switzerland, my boyfriend at the time called me and said he had found an animal in our place. It had its eyes closed and was grey and small but we didn’t know what it was? We took it to the Vet and they said was a Murder which is a type of rodent that lives in ceilings and walls. We gave it puppy milk with a bottle and after 10 days it opened its eyes. They were blue like the ocean. We had a  friend round to visit and he was like ‘Woah, he got big!’ He said that it was not a Murder, it’s a fox. We showed him how to hunt mice, he would bring them into bed. The animal grew into a big man and wanted to fight for territory. One day he just didn’t come home. Now Swiss people can get scared of these animals and don’t want to learn, they would rather shoot them, but there was one man who was responsible for forest and because of our Fox he sat with a newspaper and wrote an article to educate people that these animals have no Rabies and all the things people were worried about. It was a really nice article.

Where is your favourite place here? what do you do in your free time?
I only do what I like all my time is free time.

You’re from the future, can you tell us what you’re doing?
Still following my path.

What is your life philosophy?
Be the creator.