Code FC Street Art on Phangan Island

12 Feb 2021

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D.O.B: 1976
Gender: Dude
Occupation: Artist

If you keep your eyes peeled and look closely around the Island then you may notice some surreptitiously placed survaillence cameras looking at you. These are not your usual camera’s however, this is the street art work of Code FC. As with a lot of street art, some of Code’s work has been painted over or lost in time, but he does visit the Island once a year to do more. Phanganist got in touch with Code FC to ask some questions about his time on the Island and find out a bit more about his work. 

What is your Koh Phangan story?
I went to Koh Phangan for the first time in 2006 with my girlfriend, we were living in India and I had had enough so decided to visit Thailand. I then went back in 2008 with some friends and met some more people down at Cookies and started going back every year. Like those people do.

Can you explain your work and what got you into it?
I got into graffiti when I was about 12 and it was more like a release valve. I had many issues due to growing up in the wrong country (Italy) but I was lucky enough to spend time in London in the summer and that’s where the influence or idea of doing graff came from. In 1994 I got arrested doing trains and started looking into more ways of expressing myself without running so many risks, so I started doing indoor stuff and less trains and then gradually got into what we call street art.

What is the inspiration behind your art and the video cameras?
The logo comes from my dads cinecam (super 8) I grew up with it but never really used it untill I moved to london. I started doing a lot of filming in super 8 and telecine to dv format whilst at college (Chelsea, doing public art). I used to do a lot of festivals then got a bit bored of the way they treat you, I should have become a DJ anyway. I went back to doing more painting. You can watch some stuff on vimeo or yotube, vimeo I think is more motiongraphics just search codefc.

What Art have you done here on Phangan?
I did stencils of monks (there is one still there at the very end of Haad Rin beach under the bars, the wall is now painted but they kept the monk from 2008), lettering, abstract and more stencil work. It kind of depends really. I would like to do more stuff but there are too many parties and too much Muay Thai, the island is a place where I kind of chill and there is not as many walls like in Bangkok.

What do you think about the Koh Phangan music and party scene?
It is great, I love it, it’s the closest feeling I got to Ibiza. The main thing is always the company

What do you feel you brought to the Phangan scene?
Some urban element possibly, I’m not sure. I see myself more like a person than an artist so I would say I brought a good vibe as I am super chilled, the art comes after.

How do you spend your free time on the island?
Going to the beach, Muay Thai, chilling with friends, parties,  painting, sketching, reading and chatting up girls.

What projects are you currently involved with and what are your next projects?
I am thinking of taking the olympics project I did in London to Rio in a few months. Then maybe Cuba or Bogota or maybe just back to London and then Thailand straight away. I am considering getting a studio in Bangkok maybe. I’m organizing a show in london at the moment and as usual did more brainstorming and painting in Ibiza. Also I’m thinking of a next collection of canvasses for a show, girls on film.

How did you get to where you are today?
I owe everything to my family. Without them I would probably be in a different place (mentally and physically) they gave me the chance of actually doing what I like. Obviously I never listened to them so I managed to do my thing but at least they were cool with it.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In a similar situation I am in now, possibly a house or villa in Ibiza, a studio in Bangkok, and still based for half a year in London, maybe less depending on projects. Possibly more travels and more projects, commercial and personal.

What is your life philosophy?
Not sure how to express it in a few words. Have fun, everything happens for a reason,  go with the flow and always try to leave a trace of your existence. Basically write your name or you didn’t play the game.

You can find more of Code FC's work on his website.