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The Bucket List - Volunteer at PACS (Phangan Animal Care for Strays)

24 Sep 2019

What are the things YOU MUST DO whilst on Koh Phangan?! Here we present to you The Bucket List!

Get your new travelling buddies together, grab your bike or a taxi, take your camera to post on Instagram and create incredible memories each time you tick one off!

Number Ten - Volunteer at PACS

Phangan Animal Care for Strays is a non-profit organisation based in Wok Tum here on Koh Phangan. They have been dedicated to improving the lives of the island's stray animals since 2001.

You will probably notice a lot of stray dogs here on the island and by volunteering at PACS during your stay you can see the amazing work that goes into caring for these animals.

If you are an animal lover and want to make a difference, perhaps you would consider a longer stay to volunteer. By dedicating just 3-4 days a week to PAC for a minimum time of 1 month, you would really be able to get involved in the day to day running of the clinic.

Assist the nurse in giving treatment to the
animals, take care of the animals in the hospital and of course, play with the puppies!!

Get involved with something worthwhile during your stay here on Koh Phangan!