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Foster Homes Urgently Needed for Three Beautiful Puppies who lost their Mum

11 Dec 2018

Can you find space to foster or even be a forever home for three or one of this set of puppies who have tragically lost their Mummy?

Last week these puppies who are roughly 5 weeks old had hope of a good life on the street, they were with their Mum who was doing all she could to take care of them at their young age.

They were all living near a small road in Thong Sala outside of Secret Garden Resort and a local Thai shop, owners of the resort and shop were keeping an eye on them, feeding the Mum and puppies occasionally and making sure they were ok. Luckilly they had their Mum and so stood a great chance of growing up in a traditional doggy family.

 Tragically, the Mum was hit by a car and killed and so the puppies were left to fend for themselves.

In an act of kindness to help keep the puppies alive, the staff at Secret Garden brought the puppies inside the resort to give them some comfort during the period of losing their Mother, however, as it is a business, also with three dogs already of their own, these puppies cannot stay...

Do you have room in your home to foster these cuties untill they can find a forever home? Or even better could you commit to them for their life?

These sweet little things can only stay a few more days where they are, after then they will have to be returned to the street to survive.

With the help of Adopt a Furry Friend Charity they have been de-wormed and de-flead and can be spayed when they are old enough.

As we all know, PACS cannot take them as they are healthy and they can only take sick animals, times are tough and strenuous for animal welfare helpers on the island and so we reach out to see if anyone can help.

Please contact Secret Garden on their Facebook page or you can call Emma ( on 0946295950 if you feel you could help in any way.

Thank you community xx