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Paradise still Exists - Sunset Hill Resort

26 May 2018

Sunset Hill Resort offer spacious well equipped apartment style rooms for affordable prices with friendly astute but informal services provided by their dedicated team.  

The pool area and restaurant are amazing places to watch the sea and sunset and they try to keep the hill a very tropical and natural place.

The view from the sea view rooms is unbeatable. They also host a number of exclusive Detox, Self-Development, Success Mastery, Relationship Coaching, Yoga and Complete Lifestyle Makeover retreats. Phanganist speaks to Sylvester to find out more…

When did Sunset Hill start and how?
We were looking for a new tropical destination to settle down and realise our dreams and arrived on this beautiful island in 2005.

We fell in love with the amazing panoramic sea view with daily super sunsets of this spot in a Haad Chao Phao mountain and the quiet nature of the island’s West Coast.

It was quite a struggle to do all the necessary construction in the beginning but the first two 2-storey buildings opened for guests in 2009, a 3rd building was added in 2010 and our latest building was finally finished in 2015.

What is the concept of the Sunset Hill?
The island was still very unspoiled at the time and still had a lot of sandy roads, quirky mom and pop stores and tranquil beaches. Most resorts in the area were offering wooden bungalows with fan so we wanted to do something different to provide more comfortable accommodation.

We tried to design the buildings to make the most of our spot so that all the rooms as well as the restaurant and infinity pool have a great view of the Gulf of Thailand and the Marine park. Because we built studio’s as well as 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments the resort is great for couples as well as families or group of friends travelling together.

Sunset Hill was the first boutique apartment style resort on the island. We also wanted to create a training center for self-development and spiritual growth. This was delayed due to some some struggles in the beginning but will take off fully in the next few years now that our panoramic sea view training center has been completed. Our restaurant serves delicious fusion Thai-Western food both indoors as outdoors and soon will also have a special health menu. We try to create a home away from home feeling for our guests and retreat participants.

What is different about Sunset Hill?
We are located on a hill with an unrivalled view, the resort is very spacious so lot’s of privacy and space to stroll around, the amazing secret beach is just a few minutes away by golf cart and we really take care of our guests..

What is the atmosphere, how do you want people to feel?
We want people to feel at home, relaxed and very comfortable and our staff has a family style non-formal approach to fulfilling our guests needs

What uniqueness does your business bring to Koh Phangan?
Panoramic sea view apartments, infinity pool, unique retreats and training courses in spectacular retreat center

What are your hopes with Sunset Hill for the future?
We are now planning to develop our luxury wellness and retreat center further and would like to add a spa and sauna with cold plunge pool to our facilities soon.

What are some of your best memories of Sunset Hill and Koh Phangan?
It was a privilege to see Koh Phangan develop in the past 10 years and I think the island is still very natural and beautiful but more comfortable/convenient to live long term on now.

I can still discover new places and small hidden beaches every weekend when I make a small road trip on the motorbike.

The early Half-moon, Pirate bar and Paradise waterfall rave parties were really cool and I also have great memories of the jam-style live music events on the island, new nice memories are created almost every day living on the island.

Many great memories of the awesome people who have been our guests over the years and some still returning every year. We have also had some really amazing staff over the years.

We also have great memories of seeing our beautiful resort come from off-plan into existence bit by bit.

What do you enjoy about the island of Phangan?
The magical beauty and laid back atmosphere on the island which is 65% still natural park. The weather is great almost all year with the sea breeze making sure it is usually not too hot and the rain keeping the island green.

Every part of the island has something else unique to offer, the parties in Haad Rin and Ban Tai, the Wellness and Self Development in the Srithanu area, the buzzing markets and temple festivals in Thongsala, the quietness and diving/fishing scene in Chaloklum, the luxury in Thong Nai pan etc. …never a dull day in Koh Phangan.

And leave us with the Sunset Hill philosophy…
Paradise still exists! Sunset Hill is one of the best places to experience paradise in the now.