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Sandcastle Beach Club

Haad Rin Full Moon Beach.

Techalicious Tech House venue on the beach.

"Our life philosophy is simple - follow your dreams, never allow yourself to be told you can not achieve something... to be here, living, was our dream, and now we live it... every day with the coolest people on the island.. the local farrangs."

"These people are the reason we opened Sandcastle, they are the reason I moved here and the reason I work day and night to try and organise good parties for them
without them no party here would survive.. the locals bring the vibe, set the atmosphere and make parties even cooler than they are, and this is a real attraction to tourists who visit
we love the locals and thank them for making our time here special and always fun xxx"

Tell us your story, how did you end up here. How did it all begin )) ?

I was a Soldier for 10 Years, in the British Army. I loved to travel and had been all over the world. But never to Thailand. After I left the Army I started to work for an Oil and Gas company in the Middle East, this allowed me 4 months a year to travel as much as u wanted. So after the invitation of a good friend to visit Phangan with him, I decided to come.

I already had a love of music and festivals, but was no prepared to the parties that Phangan had to offer.
My first experiences of Eden Garden and Guys Bar, were a large part of the reason I decided to eventually live here. They are also where I met a lot of my current friends, and also my business partner now..... (Eden Garden)

I have a strong connection with the Island of Phangan, ever since the first days here, its felt like home, more than my home before. If I could sty here forever I would. It has so much to offer that the passing tourist never manages to get to see or feel. There’s a much deeper and more beautiful side to the island, that you can really connect with, if you just get out there and see what it has to offer.
Attila and I had discussed many times of the wish to live here and have a business.

We both have a deep passion for underground music and also some of the parties on the island. After a lot of talking and deciding, we agreed that we would find a location to make a nice party here on Phangan.

Many places were visited, and a few were real Gem's.
But the Sandcastle came up, which was, in the past, a real favourite of ours to dance in with our friends.

We took a look at how much work it would need, and took it on as a challenge. So we set ourselves an opening week and went for it
all the work and labour was done by friends and us, we hired nobody the whole time... this proved at times to be very hard work, but when you are on a budget, you have to just pull up your sleeves and get on with it.. ha

The gang - Me, Attila, Linda (my girlfriend) Salanya (Attila's girlfriend) AJ and Alex and Goy, and others, helped us most days and nights to turn Sandcastle into what it is now
Our challenge was difficult, and our vision seemed like a dream at first...
we wanted to create a place, inside all the commercial madness of Haad Rin, and for it to feel like, the moment you walked inside, that you were in an Ibiza Style Club
the style of decor and lighting we went for, I think really turned the place into a cool spot to dance in the other part of the challenge was to create a good sound in this venue...

This was for us the hardest part of the whole project.
Many long nights and days of discussing options, consulting friends both here on the Island and also sound engineer friends in Germany..
and one simple trip to a place in Samui, and we walked in on the Sound System of our dreams.. ha.. we couldn’t believe it.

Now that low season is nearly over, we start to look towards December and High Season - and we have a few surprises up our sleeves for sure, with some very good International DJs coming to play at our venue in the near future.
You can certainly expect us to step it up a level this high season.. I think we have already established ourselves as serious party organisers here on the island in the few short months we have been opened, and I think our Halloween party was proof of that.

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