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Prime Minister of Vietnam says yes to Thailand flights resumed

21 Sep 2020

The Transport Ministry's suggestion to start commercial flights to Thailand, Vietnam's fastest increasing tourist sector, has been green-lighted by Vietnam's Prime Minister.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc said that anti-pandemic steps such as rapid disposal of passengers at airports should be in effect to minimize the chance of contamination. Due to overcrowding and quarantine plans, Vietnam Express-News recorded at a government meeting on Friday, referring its directives.

This step comes a few days after the government allowed China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan to restart air services.

From September 15 and from September 22 to Laos and Cambodia.

Besides, the number of visitors from Thailand grew 46 percent last year. In recent years, many Thai investors have been monitoring the Vietnamese sector.

The PM also directed the Department of Transport to propose growing the number of flights. Over everything, to put in international consultants and business people from abroad and Vietnamese citizens.

Many who reach Vietnam for less than 14 days must restrict their time in pubs, dance clubs, karaoke parlors, and other busy areas to prevent the possibility of infection. The Ministry of Health has declared they are excluded from unified quarantines.

Hanoi and HCMC, the two largest metros in the country, have reopened bars and night clubs this month after they were closed for more than a month after a second Covid-19 outbreak.

The only foreigners permitted now are those with diplomatic and official passports; consultants, managers; high-skilled workers; and investors; their family members; international students, and family members of Vietnamese people.

Individuals must have a certificate at landing, indicating that they screened negative for Covid-19 within three days before boarding the aircraft. Still, they would first be brought to quarantine camps, and further checked using the RT-PRC system. People who are screened negative for the coronavirus twice will exit the area after five days. To fulfill the 14-day regimen, they must stay segregated at other facilities such as the house, office, or hotels.

Vietnamese airlines, including Thailand, are yet to announce proposals for return flights from their six Asian destinations. Authorities are working to finalize testing protocols for Covid-19 and ensure appropriate quarantine facilities are available.

The first foreign flight has resumed, from Hanoi to Tokyo. With more than 100 travelers, it left on Saturday morning. On March 25, Vietnam halted all foreign flights.

Many foreigners stuck out of Vietnam because of travel bans have been negotiating with the government about reopening borders. International flights can now be restored so that they may reunite with their relatives.

Source: CTN News