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Vietnam wants to help travelers plan a more eco-friendly trip

7 Sep 2020

Hotels, excursions, tour guides, cruises, shopping ... Thanks to an online service accessible at www.vietnam.travel, when the Vietnamese borders reopen to international tourists, it will be much easier to find the resources to build a trip that respects the environment and local communities.


The global health crisis has caused travelers to focus on what they want the future of travel to look like, what counts in this area, and specifically how they will continue to travel to different locations without leading their environment or society to deteriorate. Are more sustainable holiday activities able to find solutions to these problems?

Vietnam — which has repeatedly extended its visa waiver for stays of up to 15 days to enhance its tourism — also seems to be looking at the new challenges that await. The southeast Asian country, currently closed to foreign visitors, has entered a Swiss sustainable tourism initiative via its national tourism administration.

The project takes the shape of a digital platform that offers all the right addresses for potential tourists to make sure they do business with tourism practitioners who respect local traditions, preserve the Vietnamese environment, and support the local economy.


Thousands of tourists flocking to Ha Long port onboard cruise promising to get as close as possible to the popular gorgeous bay listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is indicative of a Vietnam prey to mass tourism. The number of tourists who added this incredible panorama to their itinerary increased by 29.1 percent between 2016 and 2017 alone. The nation accepted more than 18 million travelers in 2019, a 16.2 percent raise annually. Asian visitors' attendance grew by 19.1% over a year, while European tourists grew by 6.4%. NVG-NVG