Fire Shows and Performance on Koh Phangan

12 jan 2016

Be part of the fiery element and see some of the best international fire performers on Koh Phangan.

The Waterfall Party
It’s a beautiful location with its natural pools and waterfall so to see a fire show here permits these opposite elements to dance and perform in front of each other.

The performers, including Arsen the fire destroyer, can often be see on the huge rock formations which surround the waterfall and you have a great mix of fire stav, exotic fans and hooping.

Haad Rin Beach
If you want to see a fire show and there isn’t a party on then head down to Haad Rin beach. Pretty much every night you can see local performers who are very skilled in their trade.

You can also join in and jump over the burning skipping rope, or not.

Maya Party
Featuring our wonderful Vera the fire show at Maya always blends in with its beautiful surroundings and emphases the nature of the place.

If performing with her friend Rada then these two beauties will provide some sensual energy to your Maya experience.

Jungle Experience
This crazy party has a large area dedicated to its many performers. You can see a wide range of acts including Ninja 4 Rent, Loky and many more who incorporate acro yoga and much more into their show.

The local thai performers really smash it up and this is a good show for playing with the crowd so go take a look and enjoy!

Set on the beach with the pulse of hypnotic Trance, the fire element will elevate your experience at Blackmoon.

Performed by the locals you can also experience the fire skipping rope here as well.

Shiva Moon
A beautiful party with the Trance family of Koh Phangan. Experience a taste of the exotic with the wonderful Vera and Phangan newcomer Khamali.

Khamali is an experienced belly and fire dancer and the last time we saw these two perform we were truly impressed by their obvious passion for their art.