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Exotic Khamali and her Jungle Belly Dancing

1 Nov 2015

We spotted Khamali at the last Jungle Experience party, she is a bellydance teacher in Koh Samui and her studio is "Oriental Dance Studio Shakti".
As a new dancer yet to grace her presence upon Phanganist HQ, it actually wasn’t hard to track her down thanks to some of the Jungle crew (Thank you Oliver!).

Khalima how did you end up on Samui?
For several years I was looking for the right place for me. I lived in different places and two years ago I decided to come to Thailand for the winter.
I chose Samui because I used to live in an area with sea, mountains, nature and clean air.

I do not like city life; crowded places and many rules!! That feels like heavy energy which is not for me.
Samui is an island but you've got everything you need.

When did you first visit Koh Phangan and what do you like about it?

I really wanted to come to Phangan for some time, and when my best friend suggested that I come, it felt like the right time. As soon as I was here I felt at home.

Tell us about your dancing on Samui ..

I work as a dancer in oriental restaurants there.
And since a year ago and for the first time in my life on Koh Samui, I'm teaching belly dance to beginners.

How did you get involved with Jungle experience?

Well, I was at a party with a friend and at some point the DJ played one of my favourite songs, so I started to dance.
Then I was approached by Oliver Ehrat (Oliver Twist Hair Production) and he asked me if I wanted to dance at the Jungle Experience. This was unusual and interesting for me, so I thought I should try and said ‘yes, I want to!’.

What is special about Jungle Experience?

I like the fact that it's a party where I can connect all my dance skills without limiting them to a certain dance style.
It is a freedom of expression in the dance itself, and this is very important for me.

What do you think of the Koh Phangan party scene and how is it different from Samui?

I've never been interested in parties on Koh Samui. I do not wish to offend anyone, but for me personally, the parties in Koh Samui are just boring.
Parties in Koh Phangan are cool, unusual, and very big. I don't regret the time nor money I spend!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I always need new inputs and emotions, and I really like to ride motorbikes. I dream of buying two; one endurance for riding in the jungle, and a Ducati for the road and driving in tracks.
Once, I drove to Penang (Malaysia), and back through Krabi and Suratthani. They were five great days of adventure and making new friends. I slept on a bench, was fed by people I didn't know, and I saw amazingly beautiful places. And giving the fact that I was alone I managed quite well. - And another thing is feeling the cold steel against my skin while wearing a beautiful dress!!!

Also, in the near future, I'm eager to try scuba diving. The freedom from absence of gravity and the underwater world are things I feel close to my heart.
I like martial arts; hard and soft styles of Tai chi chuan.

Also outdoor activities, massage, spa, etc. And of course reading books; this is very important for me. Sacred geometry, astrology and astronomy; reading about them and finding answers to the questions they bring. Many questions!!

What is your life philosophy?

My philosophy is to live by the rules of my own dreams.