Two weeks in paradise - Tal Yardeni

1 Oct 2011

Two weeks remain out of the two months travel we have in Thailand.

As for now, we already visit at all the places we locations we planned, and we decided to go back to the first location e have been in for the last 2 weeks, the most magical place of all.
I arrived to Thailand with a broken heart and there is no doubt that this amazing island succeed in empowering me back.
The amazing landscapes, the people and the white sand beaches seems like taken from a postcard.
Koh Phangan island contains different kinds of amusements, on one side it has the parties and busy Haad Rin and on the other side it has it quite places, sometime you can get both.
koh phangan blog pucket
koh phangan blog pucket
The first time we met Uri was on the way from Phuket to Koh Phangan, when he saw that I am having a guitar and ask if he can play it while we are waiting for the next van taking us to the next waiting point.
After a short small talk wondeing on each other character, he already offered us to stay in his apartment during the 4 days he planned to visit Phuket (I have never got such an offer, so quick and generous in my home land), but I guess this is how things are easily going in Koh Phangan.
I am walking around surrounded with a mixture of different languages and try to listen instead of talking, trying to get to know Koh Phangan better. Every time I walk at the small street leads me to conversation with people I meet.
The food is delicious and cheap and we can afford enjoying some very good restaurant with no budget worries.
If you are looking for a sunny beautiful beach where you can relax or looking for extreme party scene runs till late morning, you can find both in Koh Phangan.
If you will ask me what I am really think about Koh Phangan, my answer will be go check yourself.
Was there and experienced the magic...