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Singapore Boogie Man - a Boogie with DJ Ayi

21 Sep 2012

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Ayi - a sweet DJ connection from Singapore is so kind to share his mind with us.

He has been playing before on Koh Phangan at our PsyTrance partys and will most likely be back very soon to freak us out on the dancefloors with his Boogie Singapore Beats.

Ayi was born in 1996 to and was born out of the sounds of the hi-hats, phat drums and beats.

Please let us know a bit about your background?
"First I was a little drummer and tried myself in experimental rock bands.
After some more snares and hi hats in my younger days, I got more curious about the wide bright world out there.

I took my cymbals and started travelling.
Before that, back at home, I used to have jamming sessions with my friends groovy bass, screaming guitar, squeezing syntheziser and dusty voice in the studios and floated on the flow of sound art.
Out here in big world, everything is different.
I see a lot of other drums, basses, hi hats and many others of them but there were also some freaky kind of instruments I’ve never have seen before. Something was going on. I couldn’t explain it but it felt a kind of.. magical.. trip.. bloop...bleep...boom!
- And as time evolves - as it does with all things, I came to be at the precise moment - where a chemical reaction..an implosion of harmonic chaos, feeling sounds and vibrations - began My psychedelic journeys... 

DJ Ayi at the Full Moon Party May 2012 Koh Phangan
DJ Ayi at the Full Moon Party May 2012 Koh Phangan
Please tell us your Koh Phangan story. How did you end up on Phangan?
Mmm well, I first arrived around 2003 on Haadrin beach.
This was also my first time at the Full Moon party!
I had never been on a Trance party before this and after this experience I went to all the other smaller Trance partys here as well.
This was a very nice experience and got me dancing.
Ever since, I have been trying to come back to Koh Phangan at least once a year.
I skipped only 1 year where I went to India instead but came back the next year fresh and ever since then - I have been faithful to Koh Phangan! Haha!

What do you think makes Koh Phangan special?
Errr..its paradise!
Who wants to return to normality, back to earth, after discovering paradise??
It’s also a mental hospital and I need to get my therapy there. Haha!

From Singapore to Dj - how did this happen?
When and why did you decide to become a DJ?
I began Dj’ing the year after I skipped going to Thailand and went to India.

After that trip I was inspired.
Incredible India - somehow it influenced me musically, without me even realising ( I bet it’s the same for a lot of people who went too!)
As I tell in my Bio - I was a little drummer in a couple of experimental psychedelic rock bands back home in earlier days and sorta evolved somehow into Djing after.
I never thought I would be doing that, but anyways, I just fell in love with mixing tracks and messing around with the mixer and since then II don’t drum much anymore.
It was quite an easy thing to pick up and I haven’t been able to stop messing around since then!

The Dj part started really after when I was introduced to it by some friends who were organising psychedelic trance parties in Singapore. Through their good connection, I was invited to play for underground psychedelic trance parties in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan.
Sharing emotions and feelings through music to the trancefloors of Fullmoon, Ban Sabaii, Shiva Moon, Jungle Experience parties and The Experience Festival in Koh Tao, ..grooving with the crowd through a sound trip in unity and harmony..

What style of music do you play?
Hmmm…always with a pinch of psychedelia and only psychedelic.

You are living in Singapore in your every day life. Tell us about the nightlife scene in Singapore. 
Ah! Its insane!
You have to check it out yourself!!
Will bring you out to “party” the next time you come!  By the way, what’s party like after Koh Phangan? Hahahaha!

What about the Trance music scene there?.
Well, its still young and fresh, very eager and enthusiastic too.
I believe it’ll grow and develop with time.
People are more aware now and slowly we start to have more trance parties - now and in the times to come. More to come for sure!

Why do you prefer trance music more than the house and tech music?
With all due respect, minimal is the maximum for the ass - and this kind of style are like music that you can “cha cha” to with a woman hand in hand. Hahaha!
No offense or disrespect though, I like the music for sure, and enjoy it very much with full power dancing but its just not my cup of tea! LoL

Trance music is getting more underground again lately - over the world and also in Phangan.
How do you think it will develop?

As it is supposed to - I guess.
To stay and remain underground.
Anything too commercialized is usually fucked isn’t it?

What gigs and projects have you been involved with on Koh Phangan?
Not too many!
Though to name a few would be Shiva Moon parties, Full Moon parties at Tommy Resort, Ban Sabaii after parties, Jungle Experience Parties.
Some other really underground trance parties on the beaches or in the jungles somewhere on the island.
One of the biggest experiences was to be involved and playing in The Experience Festival 2010-2011 on Koh Tao during New Year!
Many thanks to Leung, Johnny and Masami from Ban Sabaii family for that.
I had a great time!  And hope more to come!

What are your plans for the near future?
Mmmmm…..to get my therapy soon!