Phangan Art Exhibition A Resounding Success!

12 Feb 2021

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Phangan Art Exhibiton's 'Made by Love' was a resounding success this Monday 23rd September. Showcasing local art, sculpture and jewellery from over twenty Koh Phangan artists in the beautiful resort of Baan Jai Dee, Wok Tum Bay, it was a superb day and excellent night of amazing art and performance!


Koh Phanganers started to arrive after the 3pm opening time to view the artwork on show in the galleries. Phangan Art Exhibition was soon graced by the presence of a revered island Buddhist Monk, and some highly esteemed guests from the local Koh Phangan government were also in attendance.

Baan Jai Dee's unfinished poolside apartments provided the perfect space to show off our island art and scultpures. Who would have guessed that there would be so much unsung artistic talent coming out of the Koh Phangan woodwork?

Sculptor 'Peter's Objects' wood and aluminium exhibits were particularly striking, and we were fascinated to find out what this long-term face spent his time doing up the Koh Phangan mountain! It reminded us of Koh Samui's 'Magic Garden' - on top of our sister island's highest peak, Khao Yai - where one lone sculptor spent 25yrs assembling a unique sculpture garden. 

How wonderful to find that Koh Phangan has it's own version in 'Peter's Objects'! 

And the art! The full moon, the sun and the stars were personified in the artwork on the back gallery wall - the Full Moon Island affects us all! - and again we were amazed by the artists hidden away amidst the palmy jungle, coming out of the woodwork like fireflies, to show us glimpses, flashes, of their beautiful Koh Phangan art.

peter's objects wood and aluminium sculpture

yiefa artist  phangan art exhibiton










We were spellbound as we walked around in silence on a preview the night before, feeling like we were coming across new island versions of Matisse or Echer; then there was Colin Thomason's psychedelic Phangan art and Chanon's intuitive metallic designs, to mention just a few!

Let alone Yiefa's exceptional art! After watching her at work, we can only say that she truly is a very talented artist, and the well deserving mastermind behind the Phangan Art Exhibition collective.

And that was just the art and sculptures! What about the performances!!

There was a full day of artist performances from tribal dance to mesmerising belly dancing to stupendous fire shows, all accompanied to the beats of Brahm's Drum Jam, Vasilios eclectic live band (long termers on saxophone and lute guitars) and local Koh Phangan DJs.

baan jai dee koh phangan

belly dancer koh phangan









The guests came and came, until at 500 the 'Made by Love' team officially stopped counting the number of visitors - although the final estimate is between 600-650 people through the door, surpassing everyone's hopes and expectations! Phangan Art Exhibiton turned into a great community gathering, with a real feeling of old school and authentic Koh Phangan energy and spirit!

A band of Koh Phangan gypsies beating their drums, chanting their rhythms, coming alive in the tribal dance to Mother Earth: in tune with the spirit of fire, of dance, of art - of Koh Phangan! - like a gathering from many moons ago…

Later on into the night, as the drummers and dancers took to the floor for the finale last hour with Pablo, we were all trancing out to the rhythms... and we felt like we were back to the beginning, with this tribal gathering of old school Koh Phangan energy: this is how the full moon party started 30yrs ago!

drum circle koh phangankoh phangan belly dancer










How fantastically awesome that Koh Phangan can still boast this creative spirit, and how amazing that all us Koh Phanganers are still in tune with this spirit, and choose to spend our days on this beloved island… and come out of the woodwork to show our Koh Phangan art!!

Phangan Art Exhibition, you truly were 'Made by Love'! 

A resounding success all round.

phangan art exhibiton


















Many thanks to the Phangan Art Exhibition team and to everyone involved for their contributions of art, performance, time, support and energy - and for sharing the Koh Phangan love! See you next time!

performer phangan art exhibition

By Mia Escobud