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Miguel Matoz Phanganist Small Talk

1 Jan 2013
-jungle-experience-party-koh-phangan-21-march-13 miguel matoz video

The Jungle Experience with Miguel Matoz

Miguel discovered Koh Phangan only 3 years ago but has ever since made it a tradition to return to the island twice a year.

We had a few words with Miquel Matoz before his Jungle Experience as well as during his Experience.

- and when we asked him; What do you expect from the Jungle Experience March 21?
He replied that it can only be awesome!

- and that was absolutely not far from the truth.
Miguel's appearance in the Jungle was a full Success!

The Jungle veins were Rocking to his Techy House Beats and so were the Full dance floor.

We caught up with him during the Jungle Madness for a Phanganist Small Talk  ♥ ♪

These days Miguel is mostly playing a mix between House and Tech House so it was a Techy House night at the Jungle when he came to boogie behind the decks there!
According to him the Jungle Experience is a perfect place for his music!

Miguel just launched a new project called “Instead”.

jungle-experience-party-koh-phangan-21-march-13 miguel matoz video phanganist small talk

This is a Minimal piece of art and has been well received by Beatport f.ex.

The first EP already chartered 43#!

He also started a new Label called SouledBlack Recordings.

In the end of April he and Mendo will have a new EP out and a lot of parties are coming up for this summer with Clarisse Rec. where he and Mendo will play together.
Nakadia, Danny Serrano and many others will also be in the Line ups and play alongside with Miguel.

Have a look at the Photo Gallery from Miguel's performance in the Jungle Experience on March 21 HERE

If you see something you like please feel free to purchase any of the photos ( 2 €)

jungle-experience-party-koh-phangan-21-march-13 miguel matoz video phanganist small talk


DJ Miguel Matoz back to the Jungle

It is Time to get Jungle Experienced

Loi Lay Tech House Night



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