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Koh Phangan Dance Club music parties

27 Oct 2012

The majority of the parties playing Dance and Top Club hits mixes can be found on the Full Moon Party night on Haad Rin beach.

Walking from north to south (if you facing the sea, north is on your left) you will find venues such as Tommy Beach ClubCactusHansa Beach, Drop InParadise and The Rock at the south corner of the bay playing a different level of underground to the mega Club's music style.

During all month (Not only at the Full Moon) there will be a Party in two very famous Venues on the beach. Cactus Bar and Drop-In. Both combines social events with happy Dance music parties which continues until sunrise. 

Cactus bar Koh Phangan

 Haad Rin  8pm-5am

Cactus Bar is down the main road from the Chicken Corner down towards the beach.

The Bar begin the evening around sunset with different events.

If they have special sunset offers at the bar on the beach, they will begin later that night with partygames such as Limbo under a burning pole or fire spitting.

Fire jugglers, professionals and tourists, visitors of the island will perform.

After all the activities, they clear the main area and the party starts. They can party til the sun gets up again.

Drop in full moon Party Koh Phangan

 Haad Rin  8pm-5am

Drop in Club at the south side of Haad Rin Beach.

The party starts every night at 8pm with different attractions, gamesand fireshows.

After the games ends,  the commercial Mega Club Dance music will be playing through the whole night.

Coral Pool Party Koh Phangan

Coral Pool Party in Haad rin hosts the oldest pool party on Phangan but with nearly the youngest guests.

It is to find just when you enter Haad rin on the main road.

Entertaining with different pool games and Dance Club music.

Coral Bungalow is the resort presenting the Coral Pool Parties with full accomodation and restaurent if you should find the need for this also.

Parties only during the Full Moon Party

Drop in bar at the Full Moon Party Hadrin Koh Phangan

 Haad Rin  8pm-5am

Tommy Beach Club on the Haad rin Full Moon Beach. Playing both Dance, House and Trance on their 2 stages.

Presenting Djs like Graham GoldDarregh Casey on the House stage and Djs like Danny Apnea is pushing the Beats out from the Trance stage.

You will find this venue full of happy dancers every Full Moon. Tommy Resort is on your left side of the Full Moon Beach when you face the sea.

Hansa beach full moon Party Koh Phangan

 Haad Rin  8pm-5am

Hansa Beach is an exstension of the Hansa Resort in Baan Tai where a few young Djs have been giving the chance to set up their own parties. 

Lance Inlightened with others will be your Boogie Daddys for the night. You find it on your right side of the Full Moon beach when you face the sea.

Fubar - Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

 Haad Rin  8pm-5am

Fubar is just on the way down to the beach. Hosts a more personal Full Moon party in their bar on the corner to the beach.

A good cocktail and beer bar, couches to sit in and a dancefloor in the middle for your "moves".

The Siblings, Joe and Alice will take good care of you here and make sure you get a funny night out. Playing through the night till the sunny morning.

Joe himself and DJs like Rob Gritton and Darregh Casey, will Spring the Beats on you from evening til end.

Paradise full moon Party Koh Phangan

 Haad Rin  8pm-5am

Paradise is one of the first venues to start the Full Moon Parties in Haad Rin more the 20 years ago.

On your left side of the beach when you face the sea.

A big stage located at the center of the dance floor covered with lights various colors.  

Rocking all night to the beats of Happy Dance music.

A populare venue on Full Moon nights for happy party youngsters.

The Rock - Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

 Haad Rin  8pm-5am

The Rock found on your right side of the beach when you are facing the sea, right under the big round sign of the Full Moon party is.

 DJ Absolud and Danny Nation and other international and Thai DJs have been Rocking the crew here and the Vibes will continue to flow as long as the Full Party does.

Kangaroo bar Koh Phangan

 Haad Rin  8pm-5am

Kangaroo bar at the end of the beach (to your left when you are facing the sea).

A sweet Bar with full decorations many of them made by the SiSTARs Luana and Andrea.  Just beneath the Mellow Mountain bar.

A cozy privat "sphere" a little on the side of the beach but still pumping out the traditional Full Moon beats.

Mellow Mountain - Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

Mellow Mountain Bar just above the Kangaroo Bar.

As the name implies this is the Mellow Mountain.

An intimate atmosphere full of decorations and what ever else you could ask for.






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