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The Jungle Experience movie

20 Oct

Get a taste of the Jungle and the Party Powers hidden within the Green Leaves and Old Trees!

For anyone who haven’t been at the Jungle Experience a Wild adventure is awaiting you!
Funky Vibes in Boggie with the Jungle. A Symphony of Laughter, Music, People and Nature.  Everything and everyone Dancing in Harmony with the Jungle and her Beats!

The Jungle Experience is 1 day before and 9 days after the big Full Moon party every month.
The Party is held on an exclusive place in nature, a beautiful spot, decorated and Loved to flourish - in the Jungle around Baan Tai.

Colourful Dancers and Decoration. Paintings and Artwork.

StringWork and BodyPaints.
Funky, Electro, Techno, Progressive or Tech House will Bounce to your ears while your eyes will be drawn to the multiple choices of colourful eye candy and decorations around you.
A bar with the sweetest crew and a Line-up that always boogies ur Mind out of your Brain!

Come to Boogie with us in the Jungle!!

For a small taste of the Experience adventure - check this video out and feel the Vibe from Da Jungle !!

BIg thanks to the gorgeous fire spinner Kate Balk for her help in producing this movie.

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