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Half Moon Party

20 Oct 2011

The biggest dance-floor – the biggest Chill-out – the Biggest Bar - the biggest BBQ and sandwich stands and The Biggest DJs and DJanes!

They will ask 500 baths in the entrance.
No1 should miss a Half Moon party! It’s located on the Tong Nai Pan Road – the road next to 7 11 Ban Tai – just about 10 min. bike or taxi ride from the main road.
Many people attend this party – you will always find the dance floor full of dancing happy people and if you find your spot will easily forget time and place till the morning comes! .. If you b4 that find your legs to be tired – you can walk upstairs to the best chill-out spot overlooking the big dance-floor.
If you didn’t feel you danced enough you will always have the chance to continue at the beach after party in Ban Tai at Ban Sabaii – just 5 min. away - who will continue the music when Half Moon ends around 10 in the morning.
This party is a sure thing. Always many party people and always good full on Psy trance. DJs and Janes from both local Thaïs and fallangs and from all over the world will come here to play for you.
Visuals and deco is made with professionals and you will sure find this party to be rocking 2 times a month b4 and after the Full Moon.
Taxi provided either to the party of from the party. It’s an easy to find – either at Ban Tai’s 7 11 or just outside the party entrance.
You can’t miss this Party if you came to Phangan to party with the Moons. This one is the biggest after Full Moon and for any tourist to have been here without going – I can only say they missed out.
So you shouldn’t!! ..
Come and see for yourself!