The Full Moon Party Through Two Decades In Video

3 Aug 2017

- and then there was Fullmoon..

Full Moon & Moon parties schedule

The first Full Moon Party was  held in 1985, at a wooden disco not far from the beach, with about 20-30 travellers giving thanks to the beautiful full moon for a friend’s birthday. 

Phanganist spoke with Khun P'Manop from the Tourist Association who offers his view on the history on how the Full Moon Party began its history on Koh Phangan.

P'Manop tells us that the Full Moon party in Haad Rin initially started because Haad Rin is really a beautiful beach and location. Before the Fullmoon party there was still no road to Haad Rin and not even electricity, they used a generator for electricity.

To get to the party, people would go by taxi boat from another beach on the island.

Places like Baan Tai would bring the tourists.

Khun P'Manop believes that it was Paradise Bungalows who started to do the party first;

‘From what I know there was a man who was a teacher. He was born on Samui and his wife on Koh Phangan and he could speak English quite well before coming to Phangan. He would talk to the people on Samui about the Fullmoon party on Phangan and bring tourists from Samui by longtail boat at Full Moon time and they began to organize the party in Paradise. Then he put the name ‘Full Moon party' and wrote a sign to invite guests and customers’.

When the party first began there would be between 20 to 50 people which was a lot for that time. Paradise Bungalows kept going on with the party, doing it every full moon and then the next step was that more bars along the beach also began to organize party on full moon.

‘Tourist businesses on Koh Phangan then started to build more rooms and bungalows and more tourists came when there was a Full Moon party’. 

We also asked P'Manop how the music and crowds has changed over the years;

'It was always Trance & Techno, electronic music from the beginning. After that it went to House and Techno. This is very different tourists actually. One crowd is a lot like the old 60-70ies hippies, while the other crowd is more hip and modern.

Some bars would play famous music like Bob Marley. Some people would come from places like Holland and ask for Blues music! I did a Blues party at Eagle Bar for that crowd in Haad Yao which I ran for 11 years'. 

The tourists came and still comes from countries all over the world and many countries are very different culturally but their feeling is still human. It is same same - but different. 

As the word spread about this new party on Koh Phangan, a spectacular paradise island off the coast of Thailand, the Full Moon Party gained fame and the event now draws a crowd of about 5,000 – 30,000 every full moon evening. Today, the party has become a globally recognized event and is a part of many Southeast Asian travellers' itinerary.

The people of Koh Phangan are still happy and support the Full Moon party, Khun P'Manop says that most of the Thai people like to be on Koh Phangan and they are very proud and happy that the island has become a famous place in the world.

He finish our talk with these words; Please continue to enjoy the Full Moon Party by also taking care of the beautiful island of Koh Phangan.

Thank you for your time and insights P'Manop!

In a warm tropical paradise dancing stages are set up in the sand; black lights illuminate the fluorescent colours of paint that glow bright in the darkness of night off walls and bodies; hordes of dancing bodies along the Haad Rin Beach coastline (on the sand and in the water) move to the beats being spun by some of the world’s best DJ’s; all together create one of the most unforgettable party scenes in the world. 

Now, we continue on the founding fathers' legacy as we wait for the next Full Moon Party where thousands will come together from all over the world to soak up this incredible atmosphere.

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We've gathered a video sequence showing The Full Moon Party from then to now! The Fullmoon up through the years on video:

Fullmoon Paty rocking in 1993:

Koh Phangan, Fullmoon Party on July 31, 2007:
Track: Astrix Scientific reality

Koh Phangan, Haad Rin Countdown Party
New Years Eve 2013-2014 

This is an experience you cannot miss if you are on Phangan!

Take care of yourself and your buddies and have a Blast of a Party!!