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New Year Party Week on Koh Phangan 2013

11 Jan 2013

Woooops another Roundabout just flew by!
Did you notice?
Already 2 weeks into the new year! Feels like time is Flying! Phanganist caught a few moments here and there in the last New Year Week to make sure that we will not forget or let it go un noticed by. 

With an enormous amount of parties to choose from on New Year week Phanganist visited as many as possible without collapsing in the middle from pure party stress!

A week of Pre-party, Party and After-party where Phaganist followed almost every party with a smile and a camara!

If you are having any kind of trouble remembering where you were at times in this NEW YEAR week, the chances that you find yourself to check what you really did in one of our New Year Week galleries, are quite big! 

Follow the New Year Week on Phanganist day by day from the 28th Full Moon party till the Big Final at Baan sa Bai on the 4th!
tommy full moon pre new year party dj phangan partybaan sa bai after party new year phangan party december januar 2013 2012

Getting through the 21st December without any scars or severe traumas and realizing the world still kept on turning made the New Year crowds here on Phangan even more free and life assuring with a gratefulness for any next periods!

Hoping we learned a small lesson in Peace & Love again and that the next era of Earth will be one that we all as humas can be more proud of than this previous time period!

Happy New Era and a Blessed New Year to All !
new year week phangan party dj

On Phangang the whole week was a Super Buzz for everyone on the Island!

We began the New Year week on the 28th with the Full Moon at Tommy Resort and on 29th the Back yard morning of course.
Both Loi Lay and Jungle Experience on the 30th  and the New Year eve at Haad rin Full Moon Beach at Tommy Resort. Not forgetting the Back Yard afterparty on the 1st and Loi Lay and Sramanora with ending New Year parties on the 2end.
The 3rd we get to rest and on the 4th Half Moon Boogies again and finally Ban Sa Bai rounds up on the 5th this New Year with their Boom of an after party together with the returned "family" from the Koh Tao Experience.

With that we can all believe we did our best to bring the New Year on with Happy Dancing, Funny Nights, Freaky adventures and Best Intentions!

The Island has been full packed with tourist and travellers.

Business has been booming and people have been glooming!

In all the parties up to New Year the Happy crowds didn’t seem to think they needed rest before the Big Night.
All the parties have been packed with happy dancers where everybody seemed to give Full Power!


The Full Moon on 28th was of course well packed.

Resident and Guest Djs Pumping their Beats out everywhere from Cactus till Kangaroo.
SpaceMonkey with his spacey performance at Tommys together with Resident Sweetheart Graham Gold.

Always giving the crowd a good trip through progressive Deep House and electro adventures!

 Photo gallery from the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan 

December 28, 2012 

full moon pre new year party koh phangan December 28 2012



28th was the last Back Yard morning in the year 2012!  

Full of Leftovers from the Full Moon and New comers for the After Party itself. Famous for the Vibes and Sweet Boogies!

Just before the Experience Crowd went to Koh Tao and in the days where all the "Fallang-Family" had returned to Koh Phangan for the annual change!

Back Yards ”balcony” has never been more scary, freaked out by the kind of unstableness in the structure of the platform but such a fun party with all the Residents and Travellers in a Happy Mix!

Back yard after party pre new year phagan party december 28

Peter G and Boyonic Resident Olden Goldens, DJ Acrobat, Daniel and Gary!


 Photo gallery from the Back Yard Party on Koh Phangan 

December 28, 2012 

Back yard pre new year party koh phangan December 28 2012



Loi Lay on the 30th with their sweet floating theme nearly went under a few times so full it was! 

The pre New Year party on the 30th was giving us an idea of the amount of New Year celebrators with Djane Jadele and our Resident darling Darregh was Rocking the DanceFloor with their Funky beats.

dj jardele loi loay phangan partydj darregh jardele loi lay party phangan
From the pictures it seems like Our Dear Lek is on the Beat as well .. or at least we found it good fun to make-believe..
dj darregh party phangan loi lay

 Photo gallery from the Loy Lay Party on Koh Phangan 

December 30, 2012 

Loi Lay pre new year party koh phangan December 30 2012



Jungle experience with carnival vibes of colours and sound on 30th was better and bigger, more visual and musical than ever!

The Team there really made an effort to make the night special and beautiful! - as usual!

If this Movie is from a normal week night, then just try to imagine the amount of Happy Hippies, Freaks, Punks, Funked up Dudes and Dudettes, Dressed up and Dressed down Jungle Snackers!

With the New Year DJ Crew, Phangan Residents Pablo, KaonashiLance, Acrobat, and Rob they made sure that the night would be Boogied away! Alpha and Wonderboy super guest Djing as well!
Everyone loves to see their mates play so again the Jungle Experience had nearly as many local Fallang Dancers as New Year Visitors!

mel dj phangan new year party jungle experiencejungle experiecen new year party phangan rob gritton december lance inlighten dj jungle experience phangan party new year

Lots of Amazing costumes, as always, by our Beautiful Punked up Resident Tessa Rieger and her Freaky Funny Friend Breazus Love!


Of course not forgetting the Decoration and Amazing paintwork and Carnival Vibes by the ever Glittering SiSTARS Luana & Andrea

jungle experience new year party phangan dj


FireDancers Playing with their Hot toys around the dancefloor and even though the Rain came to make a small shower - the party was still the most pretty thing you have ever seen.

jungle experience new year party phangan dj jungle experience new year party phangan dj

The Jungle Experience party went into the New Year with a party that promise big adventures in the next year!

If the previous year in Jungle has been a new era for The Jungle it seems like the next one is going to be even better!
This year Jungle made a lot of changes but all seemed to succed. The previous parties have been full and booming with happy crowds:

Let's just cross our fingers that the good Vibe will continue!

 Photo gallery from the Jungle Experience on Koh Phangan 

December 30, 2012 

Jungle experience pre new year party koh phangan December 30 2012



Happy New year on Haad rin Full Moon Beach!!

New Year Night at Tommy was as anyone could imagine.
And that is exactly why you should go!

So full of people and colours and sounds, food, buckets, lasers, paint and painters!
Happy Hippies and freaked up Funks, LadyBoys with Sweet Girly Punks, locals and tourists, bag packers and holiday makers. 1 big mix of super happy New Year dancers who all want to make this evening memorable, remarkable and FUN!

The traditional UV-war paint for the black light dance floors and lots and lots of Buckets!
The occasional Mushroom shake and a Big Vodka Redbull. Yeaay this is Haad rin Full Moon Beach @ night!
tommy new year party phangan party haad rin beach full moon dj

Phanganist arrived to Tommy Resort, just a few minuttes after Grahams New Year Countdown on El Grande Beach Clock!
The crowd were High as Kites and ready to Rock the Beach now!

Legendary Graham and SpaceMonkey on the decks and Rory and Rob with Girlfriend on the Dance-Stand next to the Decks, Rocking and Swinging, keeping the Good vibes Going.


 Photo gallery from the New Year Party on Haad rin Beach on Koh Phangan 

December 31, 2012 

Tommy new year party koh phangan 2013



Happy New year! and the first morning at the After Party in Back Yard was Booming!

Back Yard went from not only being an After party to also be The New Years First Day party!
Everyone happy and satisfied with the way they entered the new year, still dancing and chatting, filling the balcony platform with sweet vibes of Day-After Vibes!

 Photo gallery from the Back Yard on Koh Phangan 

December 30, 2012 

Back yard new year party koh phangan january 1 2013



Loi Lay Floating Vibes, the Boat that will Rock you brought us an After-after party on the 2end!

Sweetly and more balanced than the previous Loi Lay party with residents, half year residents, locals, returned travelers and tourists. All guests who still couldn't find peace and needed just another Boogie!

 Photo gallery from the Loi Lay Party on Koh Phangan 

January 2 2013 

Loi Lay new year after party koh phangan january  2013



Sramanora Waterfall Party sprinkled us with After party tunes on the 2end as well.

Sramanora went into the New Year with record crowds and resident DJs who made the best parties for the Sramanora season!

Still on After party tunes from Residents Djs, Bank Sramanora, AcrobatPeter G and Filippo with Swedish Taktfast as the Guest Snacks!

dj bank sramanora party phangan

sramanora new year party phagan dj sramanora new year party phangan dj peter g
sramanora party new year dj phangansramanora waterfall new year party phangan dj
It was a beautiful night with fireworks and firedancers who set the mood!
sramanora new year party phangan djsramanora new year party phangan dj


 Photo gallery from the Sramanora Waterfall Party on Koh Phangan 

January 2, 2013 

Sramanora waterfall new year after party koh phangan january  2013


After the New Year Big Bang there was After parties for a few days around.

Half Moon made sure that we still kept Dancing on the 4th!

With a never tired crowd who seemed to still be going on for full power in the amazing mess of sound and visuals!
An impressive Dj Team was on the Stand and they succeded in making the Half Moon shake with Happy first days of the New Year Vibes!
half moon afer new year party phangan dj 2013half moon after party new year phangan party dj half moon after new year party phangan dj half moon after new year party phangan dj half moon after party new year phangan dj

half moon after party new year lars lee dj phangan partyhalf moon after new year party tripical dj phangan  HALF MOON AFTER NEW YEAR PARTY DJ NOTE phangan party

half moon after new year party tripical dj phangan half moon after new year party phangan 

Live performences by  Vaishiyas and Audimatic from Germany

Resident Boyonic warmed up the night before Bass Forsher from SpinTwistRecords went on the Decks.

Akustik and Quinto Elemento from Swiss was handed over to a full crowd with happy dance intentions before they left the Stand for the Live Performences!

Finally DJ Note, who returned for more Phangan Party, Resident Tripical and Lars Lee with his guitar in hand rounded up the morning at the Half Moon

 Photo gallery from the Half Moon Party on Koh Phangan 

January 4, 2013 

Half Moon new year after party koh phangan january  2013



With people still on a New Year vibe and with the Koh Tao Party Crew back on the Island, Ban sa Bai could finish off with the last of a blast of a New Year After Party!

ban sa bai new year after party phangan party

As sweet as ever! 

Everyone is already half family from the Experience on Koh Tao, meeting the Phangan family who have partied here together for the last days also. Now 1 big Family happy Rocking the Dancefloor at Ban sa bai.
Let’s hope it will last forever !! ...

 Photo gallery from the Baan sa Bai Party on Koh Phangan 

January 5, 2013 

ban sa bai new year after party koh phangan january  2013



Still now, in the after waves of the Bigger parties, there is a constant flow of parties, tourists and travellers.
Most of The “Family” is still here and will probably stay here for another month or two before going on to new adventures to meet again in the next Roundabout!

Phanganist wishes everyone a Happy New Year and Hope 2 see you all in Phanganist Galleries the next year.

Good Luck with All in 2013!




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