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With DJK The KL connection

3 Jul 2012


DJK start his DJing career about 7 years ago and since then he came a long way in establishing himself as a flourishing artist at the local and international scene in this genre of sound.

It took him less than a year to bless the dance floor with his musical brilliance. Appearing first in small hang out joints and later performing in underground venues. As he progressed as an artist he fell in love with the spell binding substance of bass lines. His influences range from House, Deep House, Techno and Tech House

From underground parties to after hours sessions at Barcode(Kuala Lumpur), he finally holds a claim to fame in one of the DJs to spin at one of the most insane parties held in South East Asia; the notorious Full Moon Party on the island of Koh Phangan Thailand that accommodates over 15,000 party-goers each month.
Hi Khaidir and thank you for making this interview. You started being a professional DJ about 7 years ago but when it was really started for you?
started playing as a DJ when I was in my secondary boarding school around 15 years old. When I was studying in the UK, I DJ’d at some private parties for my university mates (mostly hip hop & R’n’B stuff). It took me 6 years before I DJ’d again seriously. I began to play at private parties and my bedroom became my studio or dancefloor.
After I got back into KL and I started my work as event promoter most of my circle of friends, who are also DJ’s, made me feel that I want to be a DJ again. With my passion for DJing & music it was not hard to make the decision and become a serious DJ.
What is your style of music and who are you influenced by?
When I 1st started to DJ I was into Hip Hop, R’n’B, Drum ‘n Bass. Then it became more House & Techno (still is today) and now my main sound is Deep House, Tech House, Techno, breaks & a little bit progressive. I am still with House & Techno.
Tell us about the party and club scene in Kuala Lampur. Is it massive?
There is a lot of international DJ’s who comes over to KL but it is mostly TOP100 DJ’s who plays more Trance or Mainroom House. There are not many high quality Deep House or Tech House DJs who comes over here! 
What about alcohol consuming?
Drinking is allowed for non-muslim but it depends. The rules do not apply when we do party in the Clubs. They are only applied when we organize an outdoor party where we need tons of permits and licenses. Kinda sucks…
What projects were you involved in Kuala Lampur night scene?
I worked with a few big event promoters as I handle the legal side. Like getting all the international djs/artists performance permits done before they perform in KL. When Omid 16B, DJ Tarkan, Maya Jane Cole & Quivver played in KL I played the warm-up.
I also handled FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL ASIA last March 2012. We managed to get 20.000 party guests! Even though that actually was a very hectic and stressfull job I am still very happy with it and are looking forward to the next FUTURE MUSIC ASIA next year.

DJK in a party
DJK in a party

When was your 1st time on Phangan?
My 1st trip to Koh Pha Ngan was in 2002. It made me love this SIN ISLAND and I don’t mind to come here often … !
Next gigs on the island..
Usually I’ll be jamming at Warm-Up bar at FMP nite or before FMP night and Backyard like always! This time my set will be 10am-12pm.
Last question. What do you think about about Koh Phangan music scene? 
Well, when I came here in the earlier days, the music was less commercial but as time has gone by, the music have evolved to more commercial and crowd friendly styles. 
I can argue much on that especially to the BAR operators at the beaches. They need DJ’s to play more commercial /radio friendly music so they can increase their bar sales. Same thing happens in the clubbing scene in Kuala Lumpur. I bet most places around the world is doing same thing also.
I always loved THE OLD PARADISE & BACKYARD! And I am waiting to go wild at Backyard after party! Here I can play more underground or non-commercial music and at the same time enjoy the vibe and the music from my fellow DJs who spins there too. The vibe in Backyard is one of a kind.