Djane Kimie conquers the Moon parties

12 Feb 2021

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DJane Kimie at the Shiva Moon party Koh Phangan

When this Lady appears behind the decks, the famous Trance groove of scene hotspot Hamburg shows one of its brightest sides: 
Having a distinct feeling for the right music at the right moment, Kimie knows exactly how to send her audience from one euphoric climax to the other.

And she does so with good reason.

Born and bread in the North German metropolis of Hamburg, Kimie could be described as pretty much party-experienced.
Already in 1999 she was among the core audience on the dance floors of the Hanseatic city as well as at the summer open air festivals.
Accordingly she knows very well about these places.

And surrounded by lots of creative friends, among them some of the protagonists of the North German producer scene like FabioNeelix, or Day.Din.
It was only a question of time until Kimie became interested in participating actively in the musical aspects of a party.

When she tried her first mixes in 2006, she showed the same enthusiasm and passion like when dancing.
This is most probably also the reason why she made considerable progress in no time.

The next year she met Aliye, who should become a very close friend and who represents the biggest influence in Kimie’s musical development up to today.
When the two of them played their first mutual set at a party in autumn 2007, they caused such a sensation that they were spontaneously engaged as label DJanes for Millenium Records.
Another experience they will never forget was the opening of the Trance floor at Fusion Festival 2009.

DJane KimieThe same summer Kimie could be heard also at  Vuuv Festival and Indian Spirit.

Beside being a Resident DJ at Hamburg’s Juice Club she represents the renowned Progressive label Spin Twist Records at her both national and international gigs since 2009.

In 2010 the music in Kimie’s CD wallet has advanced.
On the one hand there still is her characteristic, groovy Progressive Trance sound.
On the other hand there is more and more Techno and Progressive House now as well.

Djane Kimie at the Black Moon Party koh phangan

We caught her between Jobs and Chillin' - and I was so Lucky to have a small Boogie with her at the Loi Lay party.

Kimie, Thank you for making this interview. We are very Happy to share your story here!

Hi Guys,
Was nice to meet you at Loi Lay too! 

My Djane epoke began around 2006. My first projects was with my friend Djane Aliye.
We played together at several Festivals all over Germany for example Vuuv Festival, Fusion Festival, Indian Spirit, Psychedelic Experience Festival, Spiritual Healing Festival, Waldfrieden 
and at a lot of indoor and club gigs.

DJane Kimie at the Shiva Moon Party Koh Phangan

The last three years I started to play on my own all over Europe for example Germany, Denmark, Italy and Turkey.

One of my close friends Henrik Twardzik better known as Neelix introduced me to Spin Twist Records.

I like to listen to all kinds of music genres and find inspiration - but my favourite genre as a DJ is Progressive Trance and Tech House.

How do you feel about playing here compared to Germany?
Hamburg and Berlin is very famous party towns in Germany. How do you feel about playing there compared to here?

Compared to Germany the vibes on the dance floor are more powerful and the crowd gives you more feedback. I have the feeling over here in Koh Phangan it is more about the music you play and not about the DJ name or the famous status.
I like that a lot!

How are the opportunities for living and earning a livelihood of playing music?
How do you make it work with your everyday life if you can’t live from playing?

I cannot live from being a DJane. I have a regular job from Monday to Friday and at the weekend I follow my passion as a Djane!

DJane Kimiw at the Black Moon Party Koh Phangan september 2012What is your Koh Phangan story? Is Phangan the ( or a ) right place for you?
What are your next projects on Phangan?

I arrived here with my two friends and we planned to stay here for maybe two weeks as a vacation and then continue travelling through asia.
But then we got totally stuck here because a friend from Germany introduced me to Jo Moontribe and he organized me a booking at Shiva Moon Party!

Then it continued and Jo and Leung asked me to stay and play at Blackmoon and Ban Sabaii.
We met a lot of awesome people/friends that make it harder for us to leave the island.

DJane Kimie at the Shiva Moon Party Koh Phangan- So after 6 weeks we are still here and will stay another two weeks as I am going to play at Halfmoon Festival as well, thank you for that Jao.
 I would say Koh Phangan is definitely a beautiful place to be…

What are your next projects around the world?
I already have several bookings when I return to Hamburg Germany.

But what I found out here is, that the world is so big and there is so much to see - and the world has so much to give, that I want to focus on travelling and playing as a Djane around the world.